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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

What a day!

What a day!

Today C and I shot a stunning-gorgeous -perfect couple in a respectively stunning-gorgeous-perfect location- 30 min outside of HSV. Well as we were shooting what could possibly be the coolest clients ever, the rain started falling more and more intently. We quickly hid our cameras first and ourselves second inside the car. The large car was parked in the field and had been swallowed by the soaked mud.
Andrew, one of the photo subjects who was the driver, pressed harder and harder on the pedal-- but the SUV would not budge. The situation grew worse, and our adventure more fun, as the rain kept going. We all got out in the rain and tried pushing on the car, we even tried standing the pumper to put more weight to get more pressure-- but nothing. As C and I were hanging on the car's bumper--Lauren pushed, and Andrew drove. All unsuccessful tries. In the meantime, and in the blink of an eye-- it turned night, and the rain kept falling. Andrew left to get some planks of wood (aka "for sale" signs"). C and I were in the car with Lauren (who must be one of the coolest most delightful women Ive met); we talked about it all, you know?! life. As we got to know these 2 amazing individuals-- we were actually having a blast being stuck in the mud for hours. So much so that we will have a "sequel" to the shoot in a couple of months and hopefully hang out soon and repeatedly ;)

And ..... Iphones are pretty darn amazing because they let you capture moments like these:

Lauren is even extraordinarily beautiful when she is soaked

I call this next one "the aftermath"--- my muddy boots

aaaaaand, this is what we did before it started raining!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

An Itch

I have an Itch already...
to travel with my husband again. And this time UK is calling our names. I would love to take a winter-y trip to England and or Ireland with Brian after would be so fabulous. I am just craving to go there, and that's probably because I feel wintery weather is right around the corner, with it's scarves, and winds, hot chocolates, blankets, and cozy nights. Maybe Im just in the mood to watch "The Holiday" although visiting a little cottage like the one in that movie, would be a dream...

Fall has been beautiful so far; very busy--but I also feel like Ive taken a big breath after the crazy business that the business went just through. Taking things one day at a time, sort of...It's definitely hard to take "one day at a time" when you know exactly what you are going to be doing as far in the future as Oct 15th 2010. But that's just the nature of the biz, and maybe this kind of lifestyle is exactly what I need as anxious as I am :)

Among the incredibly busy times, I can get overwhelmed with a pile of ever-growing post it notes with "to-do" bullets, and an inbox that cranks out email after email after email.

The other day, I woke up with a very very stiff neck and the 1st thing I did is make an emergency call to the SPA for a massage. I had scheduled a quick massage that I didn't know was going to turn into a 4 hour pampering galore; but in any case, I think an entire afternoon is what fate wanted to give me, because I think I needed that much time being rubbed down in oils to realize a few things.

After HOURS of being completely pampered, lotioned, massaged and moisturized to the point where I felt like a stick of butter, I thought "How much lotions can one pile on a woman?!?!" I was actaully getting frustrated with the millions of slippery products they were applying to my skin... INCLUDING but not limited to ANTI AGE SPOTS LOTION
(I am 21 for Pete's sake!!?, did I really need this?!) and as she kept on rubbing my hands and arms with at least a dozen products, she kept telling me that my skin was beautiful, and yet applied even more products. All of this, I thought, was a bit of a "waste of time" what I did not realize is that it was precious time I needed. The thought of work in the back of my mind felt like it was the only important thing to spend my waking hours doing, so I asked the lady who was doing my nails: "do you really have to put that second coat of polish on?"
and she answered: "its procedure"... all i could think of is " I gotta get out of here". As I thought about my own words and realized that I was not able to relax in a SPA and how sad this fact was. THERE came my REVELATION, I needed that day, I needed that many hours to figure it all out, to unwind, to become exasperated and then enlightened. This was the best thing I could do for myself, and it was priceless. I also realized that my job (as overwhelming as it can be at times) also keeps me mentally challenged at all times, which is a beautiful thing. I am lucky to have such a demanding job--because it is through those tougher situations and complex circumstances on the job that you can keep learning about yourself.

In other news, C and I got IPHONES!!! yYAYy !!! they are pretty cool I must admit, and I still can't believe we have them :) There is so much to learn with those things... Im still trying to "sync" my phone to my ITunes, to do what I am not even sure..
In any case, this computer/phone will be a blessing when we travel because we will never be lost again, or wonder where the nearest Starbucks is, or for that matter what Starbucks drink we are in the mood for... all of this the IPhone god will reveal ;)


Anyhoo TIS pretty late (just 2:00am) so I will go snuggle right into my baby's arms and warm my toes around his calves to warm them up, and fall asleep feeling ever so safe.
I will end this post with a few FALL PICTURES. I did not realize that Brian and I did the same things two years in a 2006 AND 2007 it was so random and I had Brian stop the car in the weirdest spots, where the trees were pretties to take photos. This year, I will make it a point to keep the tradition going, even though we skipped 2008's Fall.

FALL 2006

FALL 2007