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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Docs & Meds

These past 2 months have been a little intense under some aspects.

This month we had him retested with his known food allergens hoping that the number would be decreasing but actually discovered that they have ALL worsened... not to say this won't change by next year, but for now the allergist prescribed him an EPI pen. Unless he eats a bowl of mac and cheese or an entire cheesecake I don't know why he would need an EPI pen, but nonetheless that's that.

In September we were in the ER with Ezra because he was having "labored breathing", he got a chest xray, breathing treatment, had oxygen tube in his nose all night, Brian Ezra and I ALL slept in a tiny hospital couch overnight, they drew his blood (I lost count how many times) because it kept getting coagulating, people started unnecessary drama, it was hell on earth. 

While in the Er they found one of his levels high, we are currently getting retested to investigate into this level and find out if it's a fluke or what. 

Dealing with a toddler in those types of situations, really I think, breaks people into a million pieces and then transforms them into stronger, more patient, and well, older looking individuals.

The sent us home after 24hrs saying that it must have been just a virus.

At the beginning of October, Ezra had another, milder, breathing episode- so I took him to the pediatrician's office in FEAR of ending up in the ER again! At the pedi's office they gave him a short ibuterol breathing treatment and he got better.

Finally, just this past weekend (mid October) He had another episode of scary breathing, the worst one yet.. this time with scary wheezing and an ALARM when off inside of me. I was picking him up from school and laid him down for a nap terrified about his breathing. He was miserable and sounded like a balloon deflating. I was panicking. Meanwhile I got on the phone with the Pedi's nurse who reccomended to take him to the ER because they are not supposed to go long breathing that way.

I took the sleeping angel and prayed he'd stay asleep in the car seat but NO he woke up and we headed to the ER....

This last trip only lasted 3 hours and not 24 thank goodness, but this time he was pretty much diagnosed with baby's asthma: reactive airway disease.

We got prescribed a nebulizer an inhaler and a DAILY anti allergy med for him. We are still considering whether we want to do that daily med.

Meanwhile, we had been discussing rehoming our dogs because everytime Ezra plays with them he gets itchy by his wrists and gets eczema and I always have to wash him and then the little itch goes away.

Now with this newfound "asthma" situation, we are sure, beyond my bawling, that re-homing the dogs is the ONLY way. This is also a situation I never thought I'd be in. I don't let myself think about the dogs long enough because if I do I change my mind and bawl all evening.

It's been way too chaotic with meds, docs and hospitals lately... I never thought we'd have to worry about ANY of these things, but it seems that each kid has "his/her thing"

Trying to stay positive and look at things from a big perspective, because we do have a healthy, spunky sweet angel of a boy.