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Monday, 30 November 2009

Dear Santa...

I was laying in bed lusting over a number of material things I wish I could have, when I thought to myself I could write a Christmas Wish list on here! hey, a girl can dream right!!?
It all started with today's antique store shopping spree when my love and I purchased a GORGEOUS antique chair and amazing primitive style table. Both. so. gorgeous.

So here it goes

Dear Santa, I have been a very very hard worker and good wifey this year, please bring me one or more of the following ;)

Modern Chandelier

Anthro Coat (or anything at all from that store)


Lace Necklace

Canon EF 85mm f/1.2

Jessica Simpson Boots ;)

• oh! and dear Santa, please don't forget to wrap me up one of these:

Friday, 20 November 2009

Boca Raton, FL

Read about C and my trip to Florida here.

I am lucky because

I am lucky because...
Last weekend Brian and I fought, and it wasn't just one fight, it was more like 5 in a row. One of those days were you almost feel like giving up, and the bad feelings are all-consuming. Well I realize that I am lucky because I have true love. Brian came up to me as I was crying, took my face in his hands as the tears ran down my cheeks, and told me that if we'd fight 5 times, then we just make-up 5 times. True love is actually beautiful.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Im the worst blogger!

I really am, there has been SO MUCH going on in my life that is SO blogging-worthy, and yet just because there HAS been that much, that is the pure reason why I haven't done it.

Anyways! C and I went to NYC and it was super-fabulous. all the pics are on our SimplyBloom Blog HERE:
here are my favorite photos:

NYC is one of my favorite cities I have ever been to (right up there with Toronto).
there is such an energy about the city, it just breathes. Culture, health, fashion, drive, entertainment, personality, art, and good food-- if you like all of the above, NYC is a dream. I obviously know that if living there there would be the obvious down-sides such as the cold winters and the cost of living,but for some reason I would try to put up with both those horrible things for lady New York. She is beautiful.
I can't say enough about it. I think anyway you spin a trip to NYC it can be fabulous. I was there for work and it was AWESOME & FULFILLING, I was there with a friend and it was THE TIME OF MY LIFE, I was there with my family and I HAVE GREAT MEMORIES, and I will be there with my love and will LIVE IN A ROMANCE.

We have just been back a week or so from NYC, and we are already taking the next plane tomorrow morning to Fort Lauderdale, FL. What stinks about the flight tomorrow is that our first connection is in Charlotte, which is totally OUT OF THE WAY!! Im sure Im not the only one who hates when itineraries do that! the plane just goes 3/4 states in the wrong direction, before bringing you at destination. STUPID.

The one downside to traveling, is the packing-- or better, the UN-packing when you return. If the saying "living out of a suitcase" was true, it would actually not be that bad; but the fact that you have to live out of your closet AND your suitcase/s both, is the real trouble!

I am so glad that the past two days Brian and I have really made some time for each other. It has been hard to do so, but man once we did, it was SO REFRESHING! like someone put fresh new batteries in me or something.

And now off again, another trip, many more shutter clicks, inside jokes, off again to the next life adventure.