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Monday, 21 May 2012

Best Birthday


 It was the best birthday I think I've ever had. It was all about our baby boy, I was snotty and sick, and we even forgot to sing me the "happy b-day song" and yet it was the best one yet. 

We were surrounded by our friends and family and we revealed that we are having a baby BOY!

Then, to surprise everyone even more, we decided to do a balloon pop with the NAME inside! no one was expecting that, and it was a really big momentous surprise! :D

In the morning, when it was just our little family,
Brian gifted me the sweetest card, a soft and tiny baby outfit, brought me my fav. chocolate croissant, a bouquet of daisies and my favorite: a tree to represent growth dedicated to Ezra, which we will plant outside his room <3

Brian can be such a sweet and thoughtful man sometimes it blows me away !

I feel like life gets better and better just because of this little guy who fills me with love from the inside out.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

My Baby Boy

God has blessed us with a baby boy! and I feel like a mother. It was instantaneous how close I felt to the baby inside of me once I knew who HE was! to be able to think about him and who he'll be and what we'll do together... those are the things that make a mom fall in love at this stage. Even though Brian and I were leaning towards wanting a girl, having him feels so perfect. He is mine and I know we'll love him and he'll surprise us in ways we cannot understand now. I dream about his face and his nose and his fingers and toes. I dream about when he'll be 2 and want in our bed during a storm, I dream about the first few days with him, just admiring him enclosed by his daddy and me, I dream about when he'll be a teenager and how I'll tell him to be good to girls, and I even dream about who will be his fiance one day and how she will then take care of my boy :.)

God is lending us one of his angels for the duration of our visit on earth. I recognize that our baby boy is God's and only temporarily ours, and that is what will make him so miraculous, pure and wonderful.We are so thankful.

So for now, we hope God likes the name we choose for his and our son:

Ezra in the old testament was a priest, scholar, copyist, and historian who wrote the two Chronicles and the Book of Ezra.

To me it feels like a wise, deep, kind name. A lyricist, a poet, a meaningful soul. A name who will reflect a profound, prudent and sensible man.

Calling my baby boy by his name, makes my whole world make sense.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

It's a ...

Oohhh I can't say yet! we're having the gender reveal party/ my birthday party this Saturday and that's where we will announce it to everyone :D :D :D Friends and family will be joined to see us cut the cake. The cake inside will either have blue or pink icing! :D Everyone is trying to trick us to tell them, but we are staying strong and not budging! :D We know that it's a perfect little "___________" !!!!!!!! and I could not be more happy, it couldn't feel more right! Another amazing thing has happened yesterday, and then again today: Brian felt the baby moveeeeeeeeeee!!!!! This is SUCH a rarity as they say you can only feel the baby from the outside around 25/30 weeks!!!! well our baby loves its daddy so much that not once, but twice Brian has felt it! :D It's such a moving feeling for me that Brian to felt what I felt SIMULTANEOUSLY from the inside! Last night we were in bed and he just put his hand on my tummy because I told him that baby was moving a lot... But I discouraged him, and told him that it was way too soon for him to feel it. Brian held on with his hand in the same spot and baby kicked! seriously! and I felt it too of course! It was SUCH AN AMAZING FEELING. Then again tonight, while eating dinner, my belly was barely touching the bottom of the table and I felt the baby moving pretty intently and basically bumping my belly into the table! so I told Brian again that it was moving like crazy and sure enough Brian felt it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so amazing! I am 18 weeks, so this is completely and happily premature. The baby is 8oz! which is way more than all the apps and websites say it would be at this point! what a strong little love :) We are so incredibly blessed :D It has a perfect little head and spine and neck and cutie little face <3 I already feel so much closer knowing more about this person :D

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Poll | Boy or Girl

Will baby Morris be a boy or a girl? what does your gut say?

Do you think BABY will be BOY or GIRL?
Create your own poll with LearnMyself

Monday, 14 May 2012

Movements & Mystery

In just two days we find out if the little dancer baby is a boy or a girl and I wanted to have a final blog post of the "not knowing" stage. Wheew part of me is sooooo glad it will be over shortly, because my impatience had almost come to a max.... but it also makes me realize that things are ROLLING! this is really happening! time is passing! and it's all so wild! There will be no more pondering of baby boy and baby girl names, or girlish wallpapers versus boyish ones. No more wondering what the heck really is in there... it will be FINAL! and ours. and so perfect either way.

I now feel the baby quite regularly and my stomach has undergone one of those growth spurts days. There have been a few days throughout the pregnancy where I just feel the stretching or see the "en-large-ning" overnight! ...ummm where did my waist go!?... and I swear it's measurable growth! in one day! each time!
perhaps only i can notice these growing days, but they feel oh so concrete to me.

The movements feel like a million things:
• rolling
• aliens are taking over my body
• hardening of one part of the belly
• sheer wildness
• like something is not normal (aka the body is not used to feeling THAT!)
• like your belly is really sensitive for a moment on the outside
• and finally, like every time a movement happens, you just wish the entire world around you would shut off so that you could enjoy it at the fullest ... everyone be quiet and stay still! my baby is moving inside of me!...

Sometimes also when I stand up too fast, I feel as if a weight pulled down suddenly in my uterus.

This is the best way I can describe and immortalize what this baby feels like inside of me. My only first child. My only first times I'll feel this. There will never be a first time again, and I wish I could just hug this pregnancy, just to say thank you.

So boy or girl!??!?!?! ahhhh we shall soon find out! I will blog as soon as I find out so to commemorate the feelings! and our reactions! :D

Friday, 11 May 2012

17 weeks


Weeks 16 & 17 have been quite stressful. The stress had nothing to do with the perfect little baby though, rather it was work related. We launched our new brand, and guiltily enough it's been hard to think about much else. The plus side to that though, is that the chaos in my work life has made these weeks go by so fast-- and now we find ourselves only SIX DAYSSSSSS from knowing the gender! 
it's unbelievable. 
First of all I am just dying to see the baby again regardless, but to know that such a monumental news will be revealed in only 6 days is just kind of nuts! This whole experience is just hard to wrap one's brain around. Everything has felt fine bodily wise. The lower back pain and the breast-bone pains are still here but I have absolutely nothing to even complain about. This pregnancy could not be smoother, and as usual I think that that is because this baby is just perfect for me/us. Already the baby is a little angel in all its perfection.

The baby movements are so short (milliseconds!) and so far and wide that it makes me doubt myself about what I am feeling. Was THAT it?! it sure felt like it... but then again, maybe it was just the way i was sitting... 

that's pretty much how I feel about the "movements" sometimes. 
Other times they feel so OBVIOUS that I'm like: no no THAT was definitely it! 
but then I don't feel another such thing for days.  So it's hard to tell right now. 

From now on, it's said that the weight gain explodes for both baby and mom! and as usual I am of the mind that as long as most of the weight remains in the belly area- Im all for it ;) hehe!

Everyone says this baby will be a girl-- only very few people (2 or 3) have said boy...
and I, as usual, still have no prediction-- which I kind of prefer that stance anyways. 

The other day Brian kissed my belly a lot and it made me tear up :.) heck it makes me tear up just thinking about it! ;) 

Then on another day, I was walking up to Brian from far away (think out of ear shot and very movie like) and as I walked closer and closer I could  read his lips as he was saying to the people sitting next to him how I was the prettiest pregnant woman he'd ever seen. 
sigh <3 I am blessed.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

16 weeks

Ok it's time for new LARGER underwear and bras. Everyday the belly pokes out more and more... it's so sudden! I literally feel a circle of skin around my belly button stretch!!! Also the little baby movements I felt last week have not been here these past few days. I've read that it is normal to not feel the baby move after the first time ever, so I'm not concerned. Also, I know everything is smooth sailing because the size of my entire abdomen, pelvis, uterus, and everything else in that region is expanding.

All I can think about is the doc's appointment that is in TWO WEEKS! TWO WEEKS!

Oh also we bought the baby crib!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that definitely moved me a little bit.  It's unisex in my opinion and we might or might not paint it here it is! :D 

I love the dainty-ness of it. All other cribs seemed so bulky to me! and I looked at HUNDREDS.
This one had thin rails and most importantly a vintage feel ! I cannot believe we've bought our baby's BED! this is nuts to me. What else is nuts that in 14 days we will know it's genderrrrrrr!!! I cannot wrap my mind around all these surreal happenings. Someone pinch me :)