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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Ezra | 9 Weeks

Ezra Ezra Ezra you make me happy every single day. You are the light of my world. I am so glad your little soul came into our lives.

Last night you slept 9hrs and 44 min without a mere peep! THANK YOU FOR THAT! it was the best sleep! ;) I love you. 

 Your smile is so hard to capture. You smile at ME all the time, but as soon as you see the camera you stare at it in amazement and the smile turns into awe and entrancement.

 Your eye color right now is like that of the glaciers we saw in Alaska. A very deep, bright and sparkling ice blue. I love it but I try not to get too attached to it as I know it might change :.)

 People always make remarks about your fattiness and then they say they have no idea who you look like. I think you are the perfect blend of your daddy and I. Overall you look more like him.

You love your play gym and looking at the cow with the mirror. You smiled at yourself in the mirror a few days ago and my heart gave out once again.

I never tire of your toothless smiles, they cure me from the inside out.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Ezra | 8 weeks

My sweet boy is 8 weeks. 
Everyone always comments on how big he is, and truly he is a big boy and it makes me happy ;) 
He is in the 95th percentile for height and weight. The pediatrician said that if he were a grown man he'd be 6'2'' and 200 lbs ;P haha! What a healthy bundle

He had his 2 months shots and he was such a mature baby, only cried for 2 seconds, then I held him and he stopped. He is a deep soul, I know he will grow to be a child and boy beyond his years :)

 If pictures could actually capture the love I feel for him... it would be like shooting the sun. He is like a beam of light shining in my life and everything else is merely peripheral.

 Ezra's longest night stretch so far has been 7hrs and 45 min! woohoo!

I feel silly trying to tell people how my life has changed, I feel like they don't want to hear what is bound to sound like cheesiness, so I hold back, but if I could shout to everyone "OHMYLORDLOOKHOWMARVELOUSMYCHILDIS!" I certainly would! ;)

 My most favorite current thing is when I wake Ezra from his naps. He is SO happy,  he is groggy for a few instants and then he smiles AT ME over and over and over. As if to say "you're my mommy, you make me happy, mommy" and I always confess to him how he melts my every fiber with his smiles. He is a mommy's babe right now and I'm adoring it :D I know the daddy years will prevail sooner than later.

Pregnancy in motion

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ezra | 7 weeks

Ezra is 7 weeks and I would definitely say he gets cuter and cuter with each week. He now smiles to us and coos, plays and is on his way to finding his hands! He fits into 3months and 2-4 months clothes which blows my mind! ;) in a very good way. 

He is such an angel baby, he will sit and play in his crib on his own if needed and he is just a content peaceful soul. I feel so blessed that it hurts sometimes. His eyes pierce my heart. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Ezra | 6 weeks

 We're in the Christmas spirit! 

Ezra is 6 weeks and last night he had a 7 hour stretch between feedings overnight!! my boy is such a good babe.

I sing Christmas songs to Ezra ALL the time. When we're in play-mode I sing happy songs like "jingle bells" and then I sing him to sleep to "silent night". 

He really is such a good baby, I have no idea how one can be as blessed as me. 

He is losing 2 patches of hair kind of by his temples :( but Im sure when his "big baby" hair will come in it will be a gorgeous mane ;) 

It's wild how babies are technically disproportionate, fatty, bald, toothless and pimply and yet they are still SO DARN pretty and cute! I don't get it!

I am not sure how to verbalize the fact that Ezra's smile is the one thing that can light me up like it does--- it has redefined the word "happy" in my vocabulary--- now, to capture it on camera!