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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

January 2014

So much has happened since I last wrote on here.
Brian and I traveled to mexico for a little adult get away without baby. Ezra strated walking and talking more and more and definitely verbally expressing himself. getting molars, kicking balls, hugging and kissing his stuffed animals, petting the dogs so sweetly and he's also started going to mother's morning out once a week. He's so attached to me that he finds it hard so far but we are hoping he will adjust with time. It's hard on me and him right now but I think in the long run it will be so good for him and if we wait it will be another one of those things like the bottle aversion that is better done when they are younger rather than older. He needs to learn socialization with other kiddos, sharing and playing collectively. The school I found is wonderful and they care so much about him they call me to tell me to pick him up earlier because they don't want him to be too upset and I think that's wonderful :)

This little boy is such a joy every day of our lives. Almost every night before going to bed, Brian and I share with each other the pics and videos we took that day of baby-- it happens so spontaneuly every night-- it' not at all something we mean to do religiously, it just so happens that we are that excited and proud of our little boy.

Ezra calls things LOLLO-- if they sound like "video" or "orso"
LALLA if they sound like "latte" "palla" etc
he also loves to try to sing the "pop goes the weasel" song and it's so adorable to see him try to say consecutive words ! :D

We will be going to Italy this summer with him and I am so excited to share him with my family over there :D