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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Leaving Tomorrow!!!!!

Im totally nervous and excited!!! we are leaving for Italy tomorrow!
We just got back from Missouri to shoot a friend's wedding and it was AWESOME (pic below), but now it's really hitting me about Italy ........ I don't know why it has been so long that I haven't visited home... but I am ready and nervous at the same time.
I am leaving my babies (pups) behind for 20 days!!! that's really hard! and also my bff, and the biz. It's hard to let go of control after doing something 18 hrs a day every day. I know Christine will handle everything perfectly, but obviously I do feel like Im abandoning it all!! Anyways now for the good stuff:
our flight is at 12:45 tomorrow! I cannot waiiiiitttttttttttttttt!!!!!

I will leave you with these homey pictures of my babies :)

Also, this is an image of Tori I shot at her wedding yesterday. You have seen her in many many party pics on this blog... and I bet you could tell she would make a model-esque bride, right!? ;)

Sunday, 2 August 2009

so much to do, but you couldn't tell

so much to do, but you couldn't tell by the way I have been posting crazy partying pictures... Although you COULD probably tell by the way I have been neglecting you, my dear blog.

So to console you I am going to post a photo i took of a little guy who has been hanging around our house for the past two weeks, and whom I hope has no intention to relocate...

Brian absolutely LOVESSS this little guy; im pretty sure that he's the reason he made it through finals. Hubby would take brakes just to stare at him.

This begins the week before we leave for Italy and oh my god I feel another I-cant-do-this-there-is-just-too-much-work-to-do meltdown coming on...
Seriously, this week we are shooting EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. oyoyoyyyyyy!!!!!! that panics me alone, but the 25 emails staring me down in our inbox also intimidate me a bit, because no matter how many of them I conquer there are always more lurching around the corner. I am sure that the battle against the inbox is one that I will never win.. and I guess that is fortunate, otherwise we'd be out of jobs.

Let's see what do i need to get through this week:

Sunday (today): shoot, errand running, props-buying, clean, design an album, edit answer emails

Monday: post office, bank, shoot, dinner with 20 strangers= house disaster, and hopefully I can muster to go get my nails done through all of that ;)

Tuesday: Shoot, more errands, pack a little, clean clean clean clean clean my then-disastrous house , edit answer emails

Wednesday: Shoot, clean more, more errands, go to my dad's house and seriously finish packing for both Brian and I. (no, Brian has not asked me to pack for him, I would just like to help him do so, because umm, well.. he's just not the most attentive guy) oh and edit and answer emails.

Thursday: shoot, edit and answer emails.... and try to regain my sanity by this point...

Friday: Drive to Missouri

Saturday: Shoot wedding in Missouri

Sunday: come back home INCREDIBLY EXHAUSTED, download images, empty memory cards, clean, last minute packing, squeeze in email answering and then....

Monday: fly to ITALY.............sighhhhhhh *dreaammmmmmm*

I guess its going to be my most needed vacation ever.