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Monday, 28 June 2010

Bitter-SWEET & Macaroons

Just returned from vacation: I can't explain the feeling to be back home. Such a bitter, but also OH SO SWEET! and I punctually have the "where-do-I-begin-catching-up-with-it-ALL" feeling. Unpacking, work, errands, repacking. Got back today and leaving in 3 days!!!!!!!! life is NUTS, but at least husby will be coming along for this ride.

Lately I have been OBSESSED with Macaroons! I mean I think they are mesmerazing-ly beautiful and perfectly delicious.

Here are some Macaroon recipes I am going to try when I find a little "house-wife" time:

Macaroon Recipe 1: Raspberry Chocolate

Macaroon Recipe 2: Yo Yo's

Macaroon Recipe 3: Pops

A million pictures of our surreal trip to Alaska coming soon!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Alaska here we come.. well Seattle first..

I now solidly connote travel with work. No one ever tells you that when you travel for work it kind of takes the fun out of all traveling. I think the main damn reason is the packing and unpacking. gosh how I utterly dread it and loathe it. If I could leave all luggage to be folded and hung back in its proper place by birds and mice, like in an enchanting Disney movie, now THAT would be magical.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


We went back to Brian's grandmother's house today. I am so glad Jennifer took charge, made an excel spread sheet dividing every room and itemizing most of the furniture and other valuables. Without her organization, it would have taken all of us 12 hrs rather than the 5 hrs we spent sorting out through Mrs. Cole belongings and all the little meaningful things that filled her home.

Brian and I definitely did not want much, especially because our house is already fully furnished. We, ok I requested we take some stunning teacups that his grandmother had collected. I intend on displaying them in our home in memory and because they are truly beautiful little objects.

There was also a frame containing a hand cross-stitched piece that reads "COLE". When I saw this, it was stronger than me- I wanted to take it because Brian and I have agreed that if we have a baby boy, "Cole" will surely be his name. You see, Cole was his mother's last name, and is also his middle name. Not only that, but even before I met Brian, I loved the name Cole for a guy. It's strong and fits a handsome man perfectly. Anyways I think this "COLE" wall art would make for a beautiful and meaningful addition to a baby boy's room.

Brian also made sure that his grandfather's vintage camera would come home with us so that I could try it out. Other little things that have been passed down to us are:
A beautiful white vintage globe
some ancient coins
old coke bottles
a very neat Singer sewing table
a chest
a strange knife that belonged to his grandfather
a small table his grandfather made
a buffet table that belonged to his great-grandparents
some cute little ornate pots + pans
and a few other small and beautiful things.

I know that what Im going to say next is a bit dark- but this whole experience with sorting out Bobby's home has made me realize that: when I get older I too will leave behind a list of things that I want to be passed down to each specific "heir" (for lack of a better term). It will just make things easier for the ones that are left sorting out through all that remains of my life. Bobby left a list that was so very specific about the things she wanted to pass down and to whom. What I loved the most is that Bobby not only left this itemized list, she also wrote something about the meaning of these items. For example, if a specific ring was a gift from her husband or her parents, or her daughter. She was grand. It's beautiful to not only pass down these objects, but also the meaning along with them.

Also, I went through more old pictures of Brian's family today. Today I discovered why Brian is so obsessed with fishing! Looking through pictures of his grandfather, every single picture depicted him with a victorious catch of thick fish. I loved having found this little genealogical detail about Brian. ;)

We took a few more old photos home with us and I think I now have almost what I need to begin the family tree (on his side at least!).

We got home at 6pm. It was a long day. After bringing back home so many little objects, I had a freak-out moment from all the clutter and I went on a cleaning streak for an hr or so. Brian helped as usual doing dishes and laundry :)

He then left the house without telling me where he was headed. When he came back he brought back my guitar with new strings all changed and perfect so that I could practice more. He is a sweetie :D I am the luckiest just to have him for my own.

Life is a beautiful mix of bittersweet.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

A Tree Grows...

Lately I've re-found the reason why photos are so important to me: they are the only "things/objects" that in my opinion are invaluable.

It's funny to think that to most people the faces and places depicted in my family photos are no more than strangers, but that to me these images would be the one "thing" I would grab if my house caught on fire. invaluable little things.

It's clear to me that we have most of our faded memories thanks to photos. I may not otherwise remember that one 10th birthday of mine where a clown and a magician entertained my whole class, if it wasn't for the pictures. and so many more memories as such.

Photos can take us back to a time we've never visited, but only heard of. More importantly photos are the only concrete means to remember those who have passed, celebrate these loved individuals, and literally hold them close to us. Without these inked portraits our memories would be no more than faded dreams.

In memory of Mrs. Cole's passing, I thought it would be wonderful to celebrate our families. I searched and selected photos of Brian's and my family in the past two days.

This is perhaps *THE* most important, special, and meaningful post I'll ever do on this blog :)

On the left column is Brian's side and on the right is my side.

Saturday, 12 June 2010


what a general title, I guess I am blogging out of sheer insomnia right now. Tomorrow we have Brian's grandmother's memorial. It's been a very big shock to us that his very healthy grandmother passed a few days ago. The call was out of nowhere. B's grandmother was a very huge link to him. they chatted on the phone often and long. I am truly sad that she is no longer with us, and I am sad that Brian had to loose her such an important person in his life. I am however thankful that her passing seemed to involve no pain, and that she is now together again with her husband whom she longed for every day. She was a wonderful girl-y and spunky lady and needs to be remembered. In her honor I would really love to start a family tree. Even if it's small, someone one day will hopefully grow it.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I can't even really describe the feeling. I have just begun playing guitar, and man do I wish I would have started when I was younger and when my fingers were nimbler. I think the moment I was totally inspired to learn and to take on this huge endeavor, was when I saw lights playing her songs acoustically. I loved the way she used both her instruments (guitar and voice) to make up some melodic goodness. I was inspired. Then a few weeks later a song from American Idol became stuck in my head. Even later, while out with friends Seth played the guitar and for some reason I decided that was the moment where I would actually do it. I would learn a song or two.

Brian (although he'll never admit it) did not think I would have the motivation to do it. He revealed this subtly while at the book store I intently and discouragingly absorbed "Guitar for Dummies". I think his exact words were: "Discouraged yet?" and my response something like: "overwhelmed- yes. discouraged, not".

I am not the fastest learner and I know that, but God gave me the determination of a bull in heat. Yeah, that much determination. Wait do bulls even go in heat!? oh well you get the point.

Anyways fast forward a couple of weeks of guitar practice with a very patient and awesome Tori and I am on my way to learn my second song. What's wonderful is that it's one by Lights- my muse in all of this.

It feels so liberating to have found something that I am really loving that is my own. Who knows maybe I'll even put a song on here. yeah right!?