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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New Years in Mexico with Friends!

Brian and I have this unwritten rule that whenever we take a trip, we must do something kind of adventureous and different together. In other words, we like to share AN EXPERIENCE. The trip we took to Mexico with our friends was an experience in itself, as we traveled to celebrate the new year with our bestest friends on the cobalt blue beaches of the Riviera maya.

Brian and I took a couple of excursions to experience something together, that would be our own special memory. We went underwater caving and also horseback riding on the beach!

The underwater caving was definietly different for me... to be honest the thing I enjoyed the least about it was the butchy ensamble I was forced to wear--> aka a wetsuit. Its name alone turns me OFF. I enjoyed the cool crystal water we swam in.
Also the amazing feeling of smelling and seeing colors more vividly when coming out of the cave, was a beautiful feeling.

We had been horseback riding in Alaska, and although we enjoyed that experience much more, this was also very fun. I think it would have been more fun to go into the ocean's shore and wet the horse's shoes in the salty water, but we were not allowed to do that.

Traveling with such a great and large group of friends was a lot more fun than I had expected (I was a bit skeptical at first) but we all got along very well and were always entertained by each other.

Overall this was such a great trip to relax and escape the January cold.

Next big trip is a 19 day EURO TRIP in late Sept. early Oct. !!!!

I know that I wont last until then to take a vacation so i m hoping Brian and I can squeeze a little something around the 4th of July!