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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

30, 32 & 35 Weeks

We are so close! Echo moves soooo strongly and so constantly, I want to say more than Ezra did and if not more often, definitely more powerfully. It's hard to remember exactly to compare but wow this kiddo is STRONG. 

The moments when I get to soak in that another little boy will actually be here so soon are few and far between. This pregnancy I've developed some kind of trait where I am not able to ever relax my mind and body. I am constantly doing or thinking something and it just feels hard to relax. I am sure that is apparent to those around me too as I feel it too. 

I feel such a "go-getter" sense, so it's good and bad. Good for accomplishing a lot but bad for my mental sanity probably.

We constantly talk about Echo and I so badly wish that I could write down EVERY THING Ezra says in his regard because truly it's an avalanche of genuine sweetness. I never have told him most of the things he congers up in his head about how to treat his brother or what to do with him. 

Ezra brings Echo up so often and so randomly, like 
"when Echo is here I will go and get a chair for him" 
"When Echo pops out I am going to carry him on mama's bed and snuggle him"
"when Echo is a lot big and a big kid he can sleep in my big kid bed"
etc etc etc the list goes on and it's incredible the things that are coming so natural in his mind about having a sibling. 

I still cannot imagine what it will be like to have 2 children, I can't believe that's my life when I really look at it. As for Brian,  he is quite patient with me and has definitely been taking care of all the chores that need to be done before baby's arrival. I kind of love to see him nesting in his own way ;)