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Saturday, 11 June 2011

My Life Lately

My life is a constant trip lately...
since March I have packed and unpacked my turquoise suitcase, like it's nobody's business. When I travel this intently, I feel constantly torn in multiple senses, and yes even guilty.
Guilty for leaving my husband alone. Now I'll be going to Italy for 12 days and I will miss Brian so much. The thought of him missing me though really pains me. He asked me to stop traveling so much for the first time ever tonight, and my response was "took you two years to ask that". I feel like he really needs me right now, but it's my busy season and I am such a workaholic. If I could have it my way, I'd love for just me to work and he'd therefore be able to travel with me everywhere!! all the time!
All this to say, I am going to miss him so damn much when I'm gone for 12 days :(

He was recently able to come with me to D.C. and I loved every second of it! whenever he comes with me to weddings and trips, they don't feel as much like work, and I feel complete, as if all my wishes came true.

here are some photos of our life lately...