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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

November 2013

November is here and the scenery and air couldn't be more beautiful. Ezra becomes more and more verbal each day... repeating all our sounds like a kid parrot. His hands are looking more and more like those of a big kid rather than a baby. He's such a busy boy climbing and today really showing some true will to try walking.

We are struggling with our dogs and often talk about how our lives would be so much easier without them. They are a very loud breed and have often woken baby up from naps -- which as a mother might be THE most frustrating thing ever. Since he was born we've had to be so careful and cautious about anyone coming over in fear of them barking... and always scheduling around his naps mainly so that they won't bark and wake him up. It's way more of a pain than it might sound in one sentence.

It's a bigger deal when I think about the fact that Ezra will be taking naps for a few more years! and that maybe we will have future kiddos so the problem is definitely long term.

Brian is more ready than me to give them to someone without kids and who would have more time for them, but I know I would feel a certain emptiness and guilt if they were gone. I can deal with all the other nuisances besides the "waking baby up thing". So we have one last thing we want to try before any drastic change. I truly hope it works and they learn quickly and save their spot in our household. I never thought we would be one of those couples that would even entertain the idea of getting rid of our dogs, but when life is busy you strive to simplify it. Anyways hopefully it will all be resolved asap for the better.