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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Ezra | Week 52 | HE IS ONE!!!!

Everyone says time flies and on one hand it's very true. Those little newborn onsies fit him jut yesterday. Mostly thought I feel I soaked in his first year fully and thoroughly. Each new milestone I was there for, every funny thing he did, every expression he made, I was there breathing it all in. I do not feel like it slipped through my fingers because I made a conscious effort of being there, being present and enjoying it all. This year was the hardest and most different of my life. Parenthood comes with so much new, it's unspeakable. The new way you could love, new responsibilities, new priorities that shake your core, new profound joy, maturity, wisdom, patience, overcome trials just to name a few.

When I look back on how Ezra has shaken up my life it is a bold change.
It feels as if he has been in our lives forever, not just one year. He is a part of me and he is loved beyond practical comprehension.

Since the moment he came into the world he has been an ANGEL baby and lately a ball of giggles
and silly. He has brought Brian and I closer together and made us a strong unit.

On his actual birthday we celebrated with just us 3 and it was the most perfect magical day. I am so glad we had the party on a different day. On his actual birthday we visited a farm and spent the afternoon amongst chickens, eggs, goats, pumpkins and pretty country scenery. It was a simple and gorgeous day and I cherish it.

His party day was wild, setting everything up and taking everything down was overwhelming and chaotic. But I adored the way he didn't cry when everyone sang the birthday song, rather he clapped his chubby hands along with everyone. I loved how he found the photo booth mattress area I had set up for the kiddos and right away climbed on top and smiled and giggled for everyone and the camera. With his little hamster smile and apple-y cheeks! I hope to never forget that.

He is my joy and my heart and I cannot imagine the wonderful life that awaits us with him.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Ezra | Week 50+51

He has said his first word "BALL"!!! he is obsessed and finds/sees balls everywhere... apples, pompoms, pumpkins, knobs-- everything is a ball!  Meanwhile he is our BALL of happiness. It's adorable how he sits in his toy box and takes each toy out while he's sitting on them. The big birthday is coming right up!  

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Ezra | Week 49

This is Ezra's birthday month! on some levels it feels like he has been in our worlds for forever and at the same time we do wonder how we are at his 1 year birthday already!? Ezra's first year was so full of highs, love, lessons, newness and pure Godly joy. The preparations of his party are pretty much over it just comes down to the actual day of decorating the space! I want it to be a magical and whimsy 1st birthday for my piglet :)