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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

San Francisco, CA

Please forgive the very "stream of consciousness" type writing...

Just returned from San Francisco. It was my first time there and as usual we saw amazing sights that people working a nine to five job only dream of. Yea I'm lucky like that ;P. But also thankful, OH SO VERY THANKFUL.

I got a cold while there, but that's the least I could have caught shooting in very low temperatures with the blasting wind coming straight from the ocean whipping the shore. I thought the city was spectacular but full of slums as well. It's very comparable to NYC, but NYC is a dream, my dream (slums and all)!

San Fran was beautiful from afar with all its up and down roads, background hillsides, bridges, and oceans. When you got into the city, though the architecture was astounding and incomparable to any other, the corrosion of the ocean made everything look a bit run down.

I definitely loved the city overall. It also made me realize how fortunate I am to have a home where I do, with a 1 acre backyard, warm temperatures, and the everyday life commodities I am so used to, and love.

The locals (our clients) told us that the weather was beautiful and that we had come at a beautiful time; they giggled at us when we said it was way too cold!

I think if I would have visited with warmer weather (or perhaps brought along heavier jackets) I would have liked it a lot more. One thing I loved in San Fran was the shopping in Union Square! amazing! all the stores a girl could ever want-- conglomerated. I UN-regretfully spent too much on beautiful clothes for myself and a few pieces for the husby.

One memorable moment was when we lunched on the 8th floor of MACY's at the Cheesecake Factory.. it was beautiful and another moment where I reconfirmed how lucky I am to live this life.

Renting a car and driving/riding through San Fran traffic and the dreaded bridges was hectic but C did great with only a few screams at "Geary Rd" I can still hear the shrieks now! as I'm sure she still hears my panic while riding over the bridges... there is just something utterly uncomfortable about riding on bridges to me. It's definitely the heights!

We also visited Napa valley which was stunning as one would expect. Like driving through a painting.

I captured this trip though a newly aquired iphone app called HIPSTAMATIC :

Our hotel was beautiful, accommodating, and by far my favorite we have ever lodged at. It was called the CARLTON HOTEL. It's vintage/travel theme fit perfectly with my lifestyle and the decor is exactly what I picture my home dressed like as I get older! just a darling hotel! really! I give it 5 stars! another bonus is that every evening they had a mini party with free wine in the lobby. It was so quaint and such a happy place. I adored the light blue striped wallpapers, the elevators full of maps and real life vintage photos of foreign countries, and the lobby decorated with books, rugs, globes, and coral! so stunning!

The first day there, we visited FISHERMAN'S WHARF, and Pier 39 where dozens and dozens of sea lions hung out on platforms and squealed their sea lion squeals. We believe a baby was born while we were visiting because some fishermen came and got a baby lion and took it away in a box (to inspect him??) we are not sure, we just know we came at an eventful time for sea lions.

We ate at Boudin, famous for its animal shaped sourdough, and continued the day with a trolley ride.

We definitely had the full San Fran experience, and I loved every minute of it. And although I absolutely loved it all, there is never any place like home!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

My Sister is beautiful

I took some photos of my sister today (on Mother's day) in my parents yard...
I love her <3

My favorite

Friday, 7 May 2010

Home Redecorating

I really love to scavenge antique and thrift stores, find old pieces with potential and "make them over". My latest piece is my our new dining room table! I am so excited, I finally have the french country kitchen I used to always drool over in my mother's Home Magazines ever since I was little. My home is under a subtle transformation. One day I will do a post on every room that I have thoroughly decorated. It will take a while, but Im excited about it!

Our country kitchen flooded by late afternoon summery light... heaven.

My favorite chair-- purchased for $12!

In this photo you can see the "crackle" effect my mother and I created! remember this project?! ;)

The best part of our home... are our pups of course!

And finally Brian protesting that I take too many photos (;0 NONSENSE!)

Fashion and Friends

So I am a dork. I found this site called Polyvore on which you can pick and choose outfits, accessories and more. I talked to Tori the other day and she made a comment about how to her, it seems easier to pick the "styles" and "outfits" for others but not herself... so it gave me and idea. I love to style things and I especially love me some fashion! So the conversation I had with Tori lead me to create outfits for my friends on Polyvore!

I started with Tori herself in mind; if I could dress her up like a Barbie doll this is what I would choose for a night on the town:

I picked and chose articles of clothing that a) I thought she would like and b) I wish I would see her in! I know my friends will think this is fun, that's why I am sharing all of this here.

Here would be Tori's day-time outfits:

When I thought of Tori's outfits I thought linear and simplistic styles with bold colors and accessories. I simply HAD to throw in orange elements because I know she could not live without the color orange or any variations of orange, in her life! ;)


Onto Kristian's dressy wardrobe picks:

For Kristian I had to pick a lilac, yellow, and teal because not only do I think those colors work really well with her complexion and coloring, I also believe they are classy and fun colors. My favorite parts, were the shoes. Every time I see Kristian she is always sporting the PRETTIEST shoes, so I had a little fun with that!

Now, Kristian's day-time outfits:

Again, soft and elegant colors, with beautiful accessories to express her inner girlyness ;)


I thought picking Christine's outfits would be easiest, that's why I did her last. However I was wrong. It was not easy. I felt I was not challenging myself enough, so I may have to redo a post about her outfits and think more outside of the box. Perhaps next time I should dress her up in purple sequence, she'd love that-- NOT!

here are my picks for Christine's "dressy" outfits:

The key thought here was soft color palette with a boho feel. Lots of sophisticated but comfortable shoes, and of course a cameo!

Christine's casual look was also made up of soft colors, a "boyfriend" shirt contrasted with feminine stalkings, tanks, and a stylish scarf.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

My Loves

I took some snapshots of my loves in our back yard this afternoon, I could not live without them <3