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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

On growing up

The other day my little family and myself found ourselves on our old college campus by chance. So many memories flooded back to me as I smelled the fall air. It was the same air I smelled years ago, everything looked the same, everything felt familiar, even the students seemed to belong to my past. The recollection that was clearest in my mind, was that of days spent wondering what my future would hold, what life's meaning was. Now, I sat there, my future standing right before my eyes: my husband and my son playing together. The feelings I felt a decade before, the need to know what would come next, that sort of turmoil and curiosity were completely gone. Now, in the midst of the familiar air, I breathed with assurance, contentedness and satisfaction.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Cacca in The Potty

I never thought I would be as joyous over a bodily function placed exactly where it should belong, but when your own toddler is learning to wean off of diapers, it's simply just a big deal.

Over the past few months I would say we've had about 5 caccas in the potty and each time we dance around and celebrate with special treats!

What has the trick been? rewarding majorly, teaching him to feel the cacca coming before it does, asking him at "crucial" times, teaching him how to say the words to let us know, and last but not least, seeing us commit to the action.

It's so adorable now to watch him on the potty reading a gossip magazine that swallows the length of his legs, with Kim Kardashian on the cover and being so proud of himself when something trickles out of him.


Trips in Review

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May 2011 {London}

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Welcome to our infinitesimally small corner of the world wide web. Trips Under The Stars was established in 2009 and was born as a place to record our family trips when we were only just married. It has, since then, evolved into a blog that collects a bit of our everyday life with our Ezra, projects, thoughts, and still lots of adventurous trips of course.

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

An Eternity

It has been an eternity since I have blogged. It became really overwhelming with the feeling of having to upload every photo every month, since I do take so many photos. So even though I am not committing to any type of regular posting, I will try to minimize the photos amount so that blogging can be less stressful and more about a written down log of our daily life. Ezra will be 2 next month and I think my favorite thing about him at this stage is the way he talks talks talks and pretty much only I can understand everything he says. He says EVERYTHING, and 99% of it in Italian. Today I was trying to sing the itsy bitsy spider to him in 2 languages one at a time, and he would get mad if I would sing it in English... he definitely prefers Italian. If I had to predict what he would be when he grows up, I would have to say a choreographer or a movie director, he is SOOOOO opinionated and picky about how things must be said, sung, distributed, played out etc. One of my favorite things he says is "OTTAAAAY" for "OK" it's so damn cute. He sings twinkle twinkle, Rhianna is his favorite music to dance to and also the 80s song "bad boys". He's such the affectionate soul and is still so in love with his mama ;D He recently tried cotton candy and gummy bears and other candies.