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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ezra | 17 weeks

My favorite moments with Ezra lately are when i kiss him from cheek to cheek and he opens his mouth grabs my face smiles giggles and loves on me. Right about now the love seems so very reciprocal-- he loves his mama and will snuggle and hug me when I pick him up from his crib after a nap. This week was Ezra's baptism and as the chill baby he is he SMILED when they poured the water on his head :D sigh he's an angel for sure. I love him more than words will ever be able to express. It was really nice celebrating our baby with our friends and family. I made favors for the event and they were jute totes with "yours is the earth and everything in it" designed on them + a photo of Ezra in his baptism outfit in a cute frame and a custom stamped jute baggie with jordan almonds in it.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ezra | 16 weeks

Ezra has begun rubbing his eyes when he's tired-- he's really getting to be a big baby. I love every little thing about it-- his yawns, sounds, play, everything feels more expressive like a big kid. He loves his robot toy which i've named "CD-rom" and I think his 2nd favorite is his brown bear- he gets so excited and hyper with that bear!

we have switched over to a "4-month" schedule, so now he eats every 4 hours takes 2 big naps and one catnap in the evening and he's doing wonderful on this schedule too. I think he's basically just a great kid.

He had his first diaper rash and also he had an eczema outbreak. For the eczema we ended up using a miniscule amount of hydro-cortisone because nothing else was working and it was making him sooo cranky :.( for the diaper rash after using the conventional creams the first two days and them NOT helping, i researched natural ways to heal diaper rashes and felt like a LEGIT MOM when I used ( a ton) LANOLIN on it at each diaper change- and it healed so quickly! I also bought cow udders ointment which I think would have worked even faster - basically coating the bootie with "fat" did the trick! I was quite proud of myself.

I still have not introduced the bottle, I am so skeptical about it-- Brian says we should do it ( he wants to go to a concert) and I do too but I just can't seem to feel good about the bottle yet... I am not sure why-- breastfeeding straight up is the most convenient way- I think I also dread pumping.

Tomorrow is Valentine's day and this year i have  TWO stunning men to hang out with :D

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Ezra | 15 weeks

My favorite thing Ezra has been doing lately is: when I am putting him down for a nap and I am holding him in my arms (besides loving all of that) I specifically love how he reaches up to my chest/collar bones with his little hand. He is snuggling me and it warms me so very much. He is such a happy baby-- even when we do unpleasant things to him like clean his ears, suck out snot, or take his temperature he barely ever fusses and is all smiles seconds later. He is so content-- so in love with us.

Yesterday was Brian and my 5 year anniversary and we left baby with my mom-- he kind of doesn't like other people right now- it's definitely something I need to address and make sure he sees more than just me and his daddy ;)

it was 60 degrees out today and it was so refreshing to go take a walk outside-- i need the vitamin D--- I vote for winter to be the shortest month of the year!! I can do like maybe 1.5 months no longer. Everyone I know is sick, snotty, stuffy and couped up. I had been feeling couped up for sure so Brian (knowing me better than I know myself)  found this hip pop dance class for me to do-- and I must say it's so much fun-- I wish I was better at it, but it's just so energizing and a FUN way to break a major sweat.

I am happy happy happy-- now if only spring would come so we can be outside more!! I think it falls perfectly with Ezra getting a bit older he'll be able to sit in the grass take little baths outside, swing at a playground etc... I can't wait!