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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Ezra | 6 months!

Poor baby is sick for his half-birthday.... he's been running a fever for a few days and tomorrow we need to probably see the pediatrician. I had no idea babies' voices could be hoarse... his is pitiful at the moment. adorable and pitiful. He's wonderful. I adore him. I am constantly reminded how many lessons I have been learning with motherhood and how many more I am sure I will learn. I think in the very least, it's a job that makes one more virtuous. There is nothing easy about dedicating your whole life to a little human being, but simultaneously I am joyous every single day because of him.  I need him just as much as he needs me. His love and his comfort are above all else. Even when I think I want to get away from mommy time for a little while, I know I'd miss him instantly. He is completely my everything and I tell him that all the time.
Motherhood is the epitome of selflessness and that's what makes it so hard. Thank you my son for making me a better person than I've ever been before. I would do everything and more for you.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Ezra | 25 Weeks

Ezra has his first real sick fever :< so pitiful--- it's been running up to 101.6 and even tylenol wont reduce it--- there is not much little babies can take or have for relief. I am pretty sure his throat is the source of the problem, poor little man when he giggles and coos and gargles (yes happy even with a fever!!) his voice his hoarse :.<

He is always in such good spirits, all he needs is his mama cuddling on him and munching on his ribs to giggle and be happy.

Ezra SAT UP on his own -- it's like with this milestone too, he honed the skill in 1 day--- it's like one day he doesn't know how to do something and the next he does it! what a wonderful creature he is!

I am so happy that he now sits up so that I can now "plop" him anywhere for photos ;P

Monday, 15 April 2013

Ezra | 24 Weeks

Ezra is such a sweet boy. His bottom two teeth are now pretty much all the way out and leveled with each other :) it's so cute as they come out more and more to see them when he smiles :D
Yesterday he had the first mixed bottle of 60%breast milk and 40% formula and did great as if there were no changes at all. This means that we are beginning the weaning process. I had no idea this would be emotional for me- but it truly symbolizes that my boy is growing up. Damn that DID go fast like every one always says... It is NOT the same thing at all to breastfeed versus bottle feed. The bond ones he's latched onto his mama is so so strong, comforting, peaceful, baby-love. But nevertheless, we are weaning him- for practicality purposes and being able to feed him "on the go" more easily especially with the 2 European trips coming up. Also, Ezra has REALLY ultra sensitive skin that is aggravated by (I think) some food I must be eating that is getting to him through my milk. So I am actually eager to switch him to formula completely so that I know exactly what is getting in his system. NO COFFEE, CHOCOLATE, SPICY FOOD, NUTS ETC... even though I try to limit these things in my diet-- he might be super sensitive to one of them.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ezra | 23 weeks

Ezra has now tried APPLE! he loved it and would reach for the spoon-full. SO CUTE. I love how he reaches for things he wants to grab-- I most especially love when he reaches for my face :) It's a little insight as to what goes on in his mind :)

His second tooth has sprouted! that was fast! Ezra has also had his first bottle--UMM I wish I would have filmed this- it took him about 2 seconds to chug it down and he made it look like he had been drinking from the bottle from forever... what?! growing up comes so effortlessly to him.. and Brian always says how bittersweet that is...

I love him.

Ezra | 22 weeks

This honey bunny is now reaching for things he wants-- that mainly means mommy's face, daddy and baloo. I love how his arms stretch out asking for what he wants... so adorable!

On Easter (Mar 31) he had his first "solid food" ever! rice cereal. He did great. This is a big deal because, before the baby spoon entered his hungry mouth, he had never had anything besides my breast. He was a pro and ate his whole mini bowl ;)

This boy keeps me busy and wondering if the days of him exploring and entertaining himself are near? He does a good job playing and sitting contently, it's ME who doesn't like to leave him solo for long...

He is such a baby bunny and everyone loves him SO.