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Friday, 27 April 2012

Baby is that YOU!!?

Today I think I felt the baby move!!!!!!!!! it was freaky ! and so cool and left me with a silly smile on my face when I was alone...

It first happened outside the bank while sitting in the car. The weird sensation made me jolt and say "ummm what was THAT!?" and then i shrugged it off because after all, it was only a split second and I've been having all kinds of weird jerks and ligaments pulls going on.

But then later, outside the post office (yes, it was errand day), I felt it again-- the same ROLL sensation in pretty much the same spot! (ovary thereabouts). Mystery Morris is about 4.5/5 inches, but it's still pretty early to feel him/her according to the internet. Possible, but early :D

 Christine was with me during those two happenings, and then I felt the subtlest thing when I was alone later on. So that adds up to 2.5/3 times in one morning/afternoon the very first day I felt anything at all!

What a weird feeling, I would describe it as: take you pointer finger knuckles and roll it onto your skin, now imagine that feeling from the inside!! It wasn't gas or flutters it was a ROLL ! :D

What an insane day... I want to feel it more more more! :D :D :D

Thursday, 26 April 2012

15 weeks

15 weeks comes with some pangs of stretchy pain. When I move or stretch it can be almost painful. SO I am realizing that the little Mystery Morris is indeed growing and I need to be more demure and graceful in my movements :)

I had a very big scare a few days ago :.( it still makes me really sad to think about... We were out at a shoot in our clients' field, our client was driving us through the land in a motorized golf cart and SPEEDING pretty intently. The field which was full of tall grass didn't allow to foresee the giant BUMPS; so this ride felt like riding a wild horse. I'm serious. Christine and I literally had to stand up she was going so fast over those bumps.

I had told my client that I was preggo but she forgot and then when she realized she apologized over and over. I didn't stop the ride sooner because I thought the bumps would improve... it wasn't a long ride but still it was VERY INTENSE. I wasn't in pain or had any symptoms THANK THE BEAUTIFUL LORD. But I was very very scared and nervous for the rest of the night.

I called the doc the next morning 3 minutes after the opening hour, and when the nurse called me back, I recounted the story and she assured me that everything was fine. That it would take a car accident or direct trauma to the stomach for something bad to happen. :.( She also reassured me that the baby is surrounded by fluid and is very flexible, so any damage to him/her was almost impossible.

Sigh... even though these were comforting words, it still scared me. It still hurts me to think about it. ugh.

Anyways besides that everything is fabulous. I still SOMEHOW feel thin.. which is nuts! I thought by now i would feel so fat that I'd be wearing burkas everyday. I feel pretty well besides a few tolerable aches when I move in bed or my lower back sometimes.

In 3 weeks, count them 1, 2, 3 weeks we get to find out if Mystery Morris is a BOY OR GIRL!!!!!!!!

the wait is excruciating for someone as impatient as me. OMG.

Sometimes I let my mind wonder and think: "how will I feel 2 days before the appointment? or 2 hours before the appointment!?" I might as well just sit in one place and not do anything during that time because I will be useless. useless!! I am DYING to KNOW, as you can tell :D

I foresee May being a BUSY BUSY month! we have several shoots for work, a birthday/gender reveal party, the BIG ultrasound, and then some shopping NYC time! 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

14 weeks 3 days

We went to the doctor's 3 days ago and hearing the heart beat again was so relieving. This was the first time they used the doppler on me, and it took a few minutes to find the heartbeat as the baby kept moving. At 14 weeks the beat was 147, perfect. Still, those tiny few minutes (3-5) were the longest. I just closed my eyes and breathed slowly so as not to move my belly too much; but definitely many thoughts ran through my mind. I looked at Brian and he too had an anxious look. When the nurse finally found the beat, we took giant sigh of relief, and we heard it a couple of times.

It's funny how 3 minutes can scare you, and then a short moment of a heart beat can save you.

I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT IN 4 WEEKS WE WILL FIND OUT THE GENDER OF OUR BABY!!!!!!! Basically, I have to tell you, It's ALL I think about.

Last night I slept so lightly. From 4:44 am until 7:32 am ALL I could picture in my in-and-out-of-sleep-day-dreaming-brain was a piece of cake, with either blue or pink filling.

That's all my subconscious mind could muster up. PINK CAKE, BLUE CAKE, PINK CAKE, BLUE CAKE, PINK CAKE, BLUE CAKE. The pink cake once even had THE NAME on it! :D

In 4 weeks there will be no more options and dreams about having either gender baby, it will be REAL. Whatever it is it is. Final. WOW.

We have the names selected, and so sometimes I refer to "it" in my head with either the boy or girl name. Sometimes I even pretend to have both "X" and "Y" in there and call them by their selected "names".

I love both names soooo much that I'll be upset to not use either one.

And because I MUST make these 4 weeks go by FAST, I am preparing my birthday party and making it also a gender revealing party. To keep me busy and make it special for everyone around us :)

Then right after that, the NURSERY PROJECT WILL BEGIN! pretty nuts! I should begin to order wall paper samples ;) 

 Thanks for reading and until soon ;D


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tomorrow Tomorrow

Tomorrow is another doc's appointment. These appointments are one of the big ways some of my anxiousness and impatience is relieved ;)

even if we just get to hear the heartbeat and not necessarily peek IN there-- that's plenty for me :D

The next appointment after tomorrow's, will most likely be when we do a gender ultrasound! :D can you say -> OOOOOOOOO MMMMMMMMMM GGGGGGGGGG that is the most exciting thing ever ever of my life ever! Hopefully on May 17th we will find outttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the time to put in your bets, what do YOU think baby will be? boy or girl!?

Do you think BABY will be BOY or GIRL?
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Friday, 13 April 2012

13 weeks 1 day

in less than a week we will go see the doc. again. I'd go every week if it was for me. I just like to check in and say hi to the little love.

Today we announced to the world about our huge news! Now it really feels real!
I must say I thought I liked the privacy of only the intimate people knowing, but after being showered with comments from very old and new friends, it sure feels nice to be surrounded with that much positivity. I also love that my video made people tear up in joy. My little love is already impacting people. Isn't that what it's all about!!

So here is the movie that says it all:

Our Miracle from Vania Morris on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

13 weeks tomorrow

I will be 13 weeks tomorrow. REALLY. HUGE. DEAL!

I have had a fever for the past couple of days. It's an anomalous fever though, because I have no symptoms and it starts at the same time 2pm.

I called the doctor yesterday because I can tell that's it's not viral, he just said to take Tylenol so I did and 30 min. later I was completely fine. perfect.

Today was a dejavu of yesterday though: chills around 2pm and escalating fever until 4pm to 99.3
so I took tylenol gain.

I really hate taking medicine right now, so it's a big deal for me to have taken it twice in 2 days. But the doc. said that it's better I take it than not.

If this weird fever happens again tomorrow I'm going to his office, because... well because BETTER SUPER SAFE THAN SORRY.

13 weeks also marks having told almost everyone who is special in our lives, and the cusp of about to announce it to the world (AKA: posting it on facebook)

I am so happy to be out of the "danger zone" that is the 1st trimester, it was such smooth sailing I barely noticed ;) but this fever is worrying me just a tad bit. Hopefully its just a baby growth spurt.

Throughout my life I've always gotten fevers right before a growth spurt, and so I/m thinking like mother like baby.

So you go ahead strong little love, do what you need to do to grow grow grow!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

12 weeks 3 days

well, along with the 12 weeks mark, overnight, a belly emerged. It really feels like overnight my midsection has drastically changed. Last night I could actually feel the muscled stretching while I was laying in bed... it's very strange, and then in the morning I felt sore, especially around my belly button. I can also tell that above my belly button, what was my flat ab section is not definitely tilted outwardly!!!

The baby is definitely making his/her appearance and I am really happy about this, I am just shocked as to how quickly things change in front of my eyes.

We just returned from our 10 day Panama Canal Cruise. This vacation was abundant with: relaxation, sun and food. loads and loads of food.

On the cruise I looked bloated for sure but nothing a big meal hadn't done to my stomach before..... or so I thought... wait till you hear this story...

I am a dessert eater, and pregnancy has definitely increased my want for sweets. I still watch it, but while I was on vacation I certainly did indulge!

I had two plates full of desserts for Brian and I to share, two sample platters of sweets if you will...

The dessert chef, who was replacing some trays, was out and about and I asked him if they still had the mini fruit pies I loved so much. He said he could certainly find some.

I waited for a few minutes and upon his successful return with the pies, he looked and pointed downwards towards my two plates and with his very thick accent asked: "is it a man?" and I responded " yes it's for my husband too". Then he continued to tell me how he knows it's a "man" because bellies that poke out usually are carrying boys... and I, in a shell shock, quickly said: "oh no, we don't know if it's a boy or a girl!!"


When I returned to the table where Brian was sitting, I told him about this happening and he too was pretty shocked by the foreign chef's bold statement! we thought it was pretty cool and very strange at the same time.

A few days later, we encountered the Serbian chef once again and I just HAD to ask him: "how did you know I was pregnant?" and he said that for a few days he had observed what I had been eating and looked down at my stomach and knew!


I was highly amused and even more ashamed by this response. Nonetheless, one thing was sure-- baby had poked out and that made me very very happy :)