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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Eat, Pray, Love

Julia Roberts and I in the same exact spot. At the top of Castel Sant' Angelo

I am fresh off watching that movie and I am so happy about the message that I received from it.

The movie is about a woman freeing herself of her husband to ultimately find herself externally and internally. Quitting her marriage from a man she married when she was too young and claiming to have grown apart from. A woman thirsty to see the world and feel appetite for life. Waking up crying, doubting her marriage to a man she no longer loves and praying for an answer, which in order begins her journey.

Thankfully I can say that I can only relate to part of her journey. I am grateful that my loving partner shows me how to love by example everyday, and this has such a powerful influence on me in the way I am lucky to understand love. Yes, I do believe that doubts, struggles, and fights are horrible and so tough to get through, sometimes even dominating the inner most parts of the mind, but not the heart. In my heart I do know that what true contentment is, what true love is to ME: to be by his side, no matter what. Those three little words "no matter what" will forever make life bumpy, but the alternative, to be without him, kills me at the mere thought.

What I got from watching the movie, is not the feeling to escape, rather the feeling to crawl so close next to my husband until I am under his skin. Because even after searching the whole world, I know that I want life with him, the good and the bad and even the ordinary days in between.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Family is Born

Monday, 14 March 2011

Vegas February 2011

Vegas this year was incredible beacause I got to bond with a really great person and talk about, well besically everything from love, life, friends, photography, religion, children, food, etc... This trip also marked Christine and my last trip prior to baby (her baby, not mine!) so it was special and sort of melancholic because of that.

Some wonderful things about Vegas this year were:

Our workshop- we had people from all over the world attend!
Laughter with Krysta
Sharing with Shauna
Blueberry Waffles at Mon Ami at the Paris hotel (this should almost come first on the list)
Dressing up and unintentionally matching with Christine and the hotel's decor ;)

Orlando, FL March 2011

Tori accompanied me to Orlando, FL to shoot a wedding. This work trip was definitely different from any others that Ive had in a long time. We packed the days with FUN and as many parks and roller coasters as we could!

We went to Epcot and Universal Studios/Island of Adventures (my favorite. We also went dancing at the House of Blues which was a ton of fun!

sigh I wish every work trip could be that much fun :D