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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Ezra | 21 weeks

We went to Vegas so I missed 2 weeks of photos :( Ezra had a growth spurt for sure- 19 and 20 weeks were full of milestones!- he went to Vegas with us, laughed for the first time (best day of my entire life), he found his "boy parts" he rolled over completely non-nonchalantly on his own, and got a TOOTH!!! The latter was such a reality check that he's a big baby now and not a little new born anymore.

He now stares at my carrots and I can tell he reallly wants one! ;) soon enough we will go to solids.

He found his toes and chomps on them which I think is completely heart melting and super silly. 5 months really is when they turn from littlies to bigs. His coordination is remarkable but I still hang on to the "spazzy" ways he chews his feetsies.
Ezra makes gargling pigeon sounds, almost like a kitty purring when he's happy! ;) it's adorable!

So many things have happened from 18 to 21 weeks and Im loving who I am discovering my son is-- it gets better and better every day- I feel so close to him :D he's such a play bug :)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ezra | 18 weeks

 Look at him!!! he's heaven! he's a little bit of heaven here on earth I am sure!  week 18 has brought on so many new things for Mr. man!

he rolled from his back onto his shoulder:

he grabbed his toes:

he rolled from tummy to back (we're still working on this skill quite a bit):

I love that he now has preferences in his toys, in the little games he plays with mommy and daddy, that he has his own voice/gargle, that he (rarely) but adorably CHUCKLES! that he will smile EVERY SINGLE TIME I sing "mary had a little lamb" to him or the "itsy bitsy spider" and that he loves my singing :)

I am so happy that we found a lotion for his Eczema and that it's COMPLETELY GONE! It's called Cerave and it was miraculous-- he is now as soft as a baby should be!

and big big news-- we see a pointy GUM where a tooth will shortly sprout! it's so cute and it's such a reality check that he's a growing kiddo :.)