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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ezra | Week 48 | 11 Months!!

My little love is almost one!!! say whaaaaaaa?!?!?! I can't handle how amazing he is. Sometimes I wish I was perfect just because he deserves that.

Being a mama can be so exhausting-- today was a tiring day-- mainly I mean physically-- lifting him, doing carseat, holding him, wrestling him to bed, carrying him upstairs etc etc etc. He keeps my days so full and yet so full-filled.

I am working to make this one memorable fall with lots of memories for us as a family on my favorite time of the year. We made jack-o-lantern balloon faces and went to the farmer's market and took pics on a pumpkin wagon full of colorful pumpkins.

I think Ezra's schedule might need an adjustment.. he is getting harder to put to be in the am and usually that nap he passes out for.. Also sometimes he skips his afternoon nap... so I think it might be time for a little schedule adjustment somehow to see how he likes it.

We also got him 2 Halloween costumes-- I might bring one back, I can't decide yet if there will be a chance to showcase both or not... He looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pricelessly precious in both, but he is especially to die for in one of them ;) *surprises*

4 more weekly photos and I will have a ONE YEAR OLD!

his schedule right now is:

8am wake up
10-11:30 nap
12:00 lunch
2:40 cat nap
3:30 snack
7:00 dinner
8:00/8:30 bedtime


some words he knows are:

dove e'?
+ all his favorite books and toys names titles and songs !!!!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Ezra | Week 47

47 weeks- He is standing for a few seconds on his own without holding on
He is snugglier than ever, giving mamma so many hugs throughout the day. I am constantly baffled by how many things he recognizes and how he understands everything that we ask him or tell him. He makes us so giddy and proud every day, being able to be his parents has made our lives blissful every day.

Ezra | Week 46

Oh my these photos are so hard to take now.. he barely wants to even be on this backdrop for more than 0.0002 seconds... it's the biggest challenge. bot how handsome is he!? he truly slays my heart. This morning when Brian brought him into our bed he gave me the biggest snuggle fest ever. He hugged and laid on me over and over and was just full of warm and fuzzies for his mamma. He has been giving me so many hugs lately and I just hope and pray this is one phase that never ever ever ends. There is nothing better than the love of your life physically manifesting affection and love.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Ezra | Week 45

So we are completely done breastfeeding. My supply was barely there pretty much anyways and it was just time to make the big move. He is drinking better and better throughout the day---but he just doesn't seem to need/want the formula as much as "he is supposed to".

This kid is so smart it boggles my mind! he fits his beloved ping pong and golf balls into whatever slot and container he can find, including but not limited to: my hat, shoes, other toys, drawers, cracked doors etc.

He also just understands so many words we have barely taught him, like: "luce", "rana", "tartaruga" and other little words...

I am pretty sure the 8th tooth will be coming soon because he has been so whiny for 2 days- poor nugget.

Each week it becomes harder and harder to take this photo. I can see why most people take this weekly photo within the boundaries of the CRIB! where the baby is gated and cannot escape! I have to work a sweat to catch him being still within the backdrop!

Ezra is fantastic- he makes Brian and I so proud every day. He eats so many table foods like different types of fish, broccoli, potatoes, meats, tomatoes, avocado, and he's even tried tiny sips of sweet tea! he is a southern gentleman after all

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Ezra | Week 44

I have told Ezra since he was born that he is my "everything", and I could not put it into better words.

Lately he is just his own self more and more, certain things always make him laugh, some excite him more than others. He gets really excited when I first put him into a cart-- I say "vroom vroom" and he swings back and forth in joy!

He is the most alive around balls--- of any type of any size- he squeals in delight when he plays with them, and even more when someone plays with him with one. Sometimes when the ball goes bouncing he talks and makes a facial expression as to say "woaw did you see that goal!?!?"

Another thing that without fail arouses happy feelings in him is mama singing, dancing or hearing music-- every time a song starts somewhere somehow- he makes a face as to say "that's my tune!" and commences dancing.

I am planning his 1st birthday party-- which is next month and that fact is WILD. My little baby bundle is now a little boy :.>