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Thursday, 14 May 2015

18 & 20 Weeks

Our baby boy's name is ECHO FROST MORRIS! 

I have a feeling this boy will be a strong, willful, force to be reckoned with sort of person.
He will be confident and always be able to rise above. He will be wise and not let others lead him astray. 

Brian and I chose a name that we hope will forever shine amongst the others with diversity and mystique. We believe life is too short for the mundane, and we hope both our children set off to do great things with the power their name can encourage.

 I found the name Echo while searching for "Greek baby boy names"-- it really was the one name amongst the bazillion names that claimed to be unique (but weren't to me) that "stopped me in my tracks" I was parked and I called Brian saying I thought I had found a name that he would adore-- I was so serious about the name right away that I did not want to tell him over the phone. I waited all day with my special find so that I could tell him in person. 

When Brian found the name Frost it was again love at first sight for me. I felt it played with the first name so well and emphasized it, if such a thing could at all be possible.

We know Echo will complete our family with all his traits, whatever those may be. We are so thankful for a healthy pregnancy and to have a little brother for life for Ezra- we feel blessed.