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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ezra | 31 weeks

Ezra had another little outbreak from what I believe was the butternut squash. It was really not peasant to deal with as we had to use steroid cream again. It's also resulting in his crazy cheek rubbing again and therefore a band-aid with moisturizer to keep him from rubbing it raw. It already looks a bit better but we are still going to see a dermatologist because at this point it hasnt fully healed in 3 months :<

My diet is still strict no egg no milk no wheat and Im really adjusting--- it's still really challenging but doable and I feel so good about myself ;)

Ezra is still smiley and wonderful, chill & happy. SUCH a momma's boy! He still doesn't drink from a bottle (breast only) but does suck tiny mini sips from a straw!!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Ezra | 30 Weeks | 7 Months

We missed 2 weeks of routine photos while we were away, but here is Ezra's 7 month photo. This outfit is very sentimental as Brian bought it for me when we found out it was a BOY ;D
 So happy to say that through my diet his "eczema" is completely gone!!!! I knew it was BS what the doc called eczema I knew it stemmed from something and sure enough not that Ive removed egg wheat and milk completely from my diet, Ezra's skin is flawless like a baby's should me. 
 We have still not made any progress on the bottle situation so he's still exclusively on my breast. I would love to be able to leave him with grandma for a day but it's basically impossible. We've tried many bottles ($$!) and several techniques and tricks-- to no success. He now lets us put it into his mouth but doesn't suck... just plays with it. 

We went to Scotland and road tripped through the Highlands and it was incredible (Pics coming soon). Both Brian and I feel like much better parents after having traveled with two babies of 7-8 months (our friends' baby), changing diapers virtually anywhere breastfeeding in the middle of nowhere, in changing rooms, and sleeping in a different hotel every 2 nights. It was really an amazing trip and it exceeded my expectations. I feel I let go of control and simply enjoyed, and it worked. More on the trip later. 
I love Ezra's beautiful teeth smile-- it's the most tender thing. He made many strides while we were away. He got a personality all his own, he loved being overstimulated by the city life (Edinburgh) and would get so hyper it was adorable! He is so close to making his first crawl, he has all the right movements, but it's not happening yet. He can now roll from back to front, babbles perfectly "baba" "dadda" are two of his favorites,  he stands on his legs pretty well and he clicks his tongue :P

Monday, 6 May 2013

Ezra | 27 Weeks

The past few weeks have been the most challenging thus far. First Ezra got sick with a fever and ear infection-- which we then understood was probably caused by the unbelievable teething that followed. Ezra got 3 teeth in one week (and is still putting teeth in! we think we see a canine!!!!)-- simultaneously his cheek was getting so bad from his rubbing and rubbing it -- it was really bad and he would have "permanent" itching and rash outbreaks all over his body...
On top of these things there was also the introduction of the bottle and formula. I initially wanted to introduce formula not only to be more practical with his feedings but also to monitor his diet and see if his rashes would get better. Well we failed with the bottle many many times (with my breast milk inside).One night we tried putting organic (cow's milk) formula in the bottle-- he swatted it away and all the splatters of milk that dripped on his face had him break out. The milk was like acid on his skin!!! it was so scary! I was ready to go to the ER-- mainly because of what an immediate & severe reaction he had to it!!!!
I finally insisted for him to be seen by an allergist where we discovered he is allergic to a number of foods: milk, eggs & wheat.
This is truly the short version of what has been a couple of tumultuous weeks. I have been tried, I have been stretched, overstretched, tried again and I think I am coming out a more virtuous person because of it all. Worrying about your little babe is no fun at all. Trying to not set bad habits while teething is also a fine line. Wanting to comfort him but still keep rules. Going to so many doctor's offices alone with baby was so tiring. At one point Ezra was on all types of meds and we were so torn whether to give him relief through these or not: drops for ear infection, ibprofen for teething, antibiotics, steroid creme for rash... we tried to be so sparing with all these bandaids... oh yes and we had a phisical bandaid on his cheek to try to keep it moistened...

anyways I think we are finally getting over the hump... we're still dealing with some set backs (in the evenings from 8-10pm Ezra wants to be cuddled and has in a way forgotten how to soothe himself) so we are having to retrain him a bit and it's really stressful. He does sleep through the night though which is obviously always first priority !!!

As far as the allergy and nutrition situation at this point there are not many options. Ezra will NOT take a bottle (we've tried 5 different types) and he just refuses. For the past six months it has only been my breasts. Now because of the allergies my diet is HIS diet therefore at this point it's as if I am allergic to egg milk and wheat. I have taken those things completely out of my diet since the day we found out and his skin feels like perfect baby velvet! it's like a miracle. I think it was never "eczema" rather just allergens in his body!!! milk eggs and WHEAT was in pretty much everything I ever ate!!! My diet has changed SOOOO drastically in the past few days and until he will take a bottle I will continue it of course. I know that this is the best thing for my little boy and really I feel like I should thank him for introducing me to this much healthier way of life ;)

If and when he will ever take a bottle, SOY formula would be the way to go-- we are both skeptical about this because we've heard SOY can be hormone altering and that's just scary!!!!! so it looks like things are lining up for him to be on mama's breast for the next 6 months!

The allergies are most likely temporary and he will out grow them-- for now though they are very much there and those foods need to be avoided at all costs!!

These have been some though parenting days where I feel like everything was thrown at me all at once (and thrown at Ezra of course too). He won't remember thank goodness but I will remember the lessons that have initiated me into parenthood. Struggle.

In the meantime both Brian and I have noticed him having a crazy growth spurt as far as babbling, alertness, movements, jumping, awareness, business and we are loving each part of his growth. He really is such a special little boy. He brings such joy to me. Explosive joy.