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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Ezra | 8 weeks

My sweet boy is 8 weeks. 
Everyone always comments on how big he is, and truly he is a big boy and it makes me happy ;) 
He is in the 95th percentile for height and weight. The pediatrician said that if he were a grown man he'd be 6'2'' and 200 lbs ;P haha! What a healthy bundle

He had his 2 months shots and he was such a mature baby, only cried for 2 seconds, then I held him and he stopped. He is a deep soul, I know he will grow to be a child and boy beyond his years :)

 If pictures could actually capture the love I feel for him... it would be like shooting the sun. He is like a beam of light shining in my life and everything else is merely peripheral.

 Ezra's longest night stretch so far has been 7hrs and 45 min! woohoo!

I feel silly trying to tell people how my life has changed, I feel like they don't want to hear what is bound to sound like cheesiness, so I hold back, but if I could shout to everyone "OHMYLORDLOOKHOWMARVELOUSMYCHILDIS!" I certainly would! ;)

 My most favorite current thing is when I wake Ezra from his naps. He is SO happy,  he is groggy for a few instants and then he smiles AT ME over and over and over. As if to say "you're my mommy, you make me happy, mommy" and I always confess to him how he melts my every fiber with his smiles. He is a mommy's babe right now and I'm adoring it :D I know the daddy years will prevail sooner than later.


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