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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Random Things & Aspirations

1. Watch an American Idol episode... LIVE
2. Have a short pixie-like haircut
3. Go to Santorini
4. Go to Ireland
5. I like hazelnut better than chocolate
6. I freak out over "little stuff" (like un-tucked sheets) but I shrug at "big things" (like cracked iphone)
7. One day I will see the aurora borealis
8. I deeply believe I may be one of the most fortunate people in the world, I know pretty cocky, right!?
9. I am formally and officially licensed to teach Italian and really enjoyed teaching it when I used to.
10. I am the kind of person who always asks themselves "what's next?", and I believe that that is my hubris.

And because this photo makes me happy:

Monday, 22 March 2010

A dog life

For as long as I can remember each time that I see my little family nap together, I take out my phone and snap a quick photo to remember. This post has some of the most terrible photos Ive ever taken, and yet they are some of my favorites. This post is to REMEMBER all the little moments that make up this family. When I see my boys nap together my heart swells with happiness. I cherish these:

Christmas 2009

Baloo is happiest when he is "going for a ride" with daddy! look at those smiles!

I sleep with three pillows, and Frosty attempts to steal my comfy spot every.night.

Baloo waiting around for mommy and daddy to finish up their errands around the house

Hiding under mama's pillow

What awaits me when I go to bed each night

Desperately and tirelessly waiting for me to throw his whiffle-ball

What awaits me after each shower

Guarding me outside my office

Frosty sleeping under my desk as I work

Baloo ON daddy's pillow

Snuggled up

after work nap

Baloo always manages to find a cave within our sheets

Frosty in daddy's nook

All is well with the world after a long walk on a sun-shiny day

Every time I go to bed I see something like this:

A photo of Frosty Brian sent me while I was on a trip for work. so sweet!

Where's Baloo?!

Sleepy Chocolate Souffle'

Frosty really loves my spot!

One of my favorite sights in life

and another photo Brian sent me while I was away for work that made me want to come home !

yet another photo to entice me to come home while I was out of state. I think this is my favorite photo Brian has ever taken :)

while daddy is at work, they sit & wait for him on his dirty laundry. so cute.

Boys will be boys

So now the web world knows Im a total dog freak. It knows that I will be one of those little old ladies with dog portraits hanging over my walls (oh wait I already have those). In any case, I love my little family. I have so much to be thankful for in my life, but these guys are without a doubt what I cherish the most.