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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Ezra | 39 Weeks | 9 Months!

Angel crawls, CLAPS HIS HANDS! stands & eats hummus! this morning he said "MAMMA" and it was definitely TO ME! :.) it was the sweetest sound...Brian and I looked breathless at each other when that word came out of his mouth!

Breastfeeding News: We went cold turkey-- beginning yesterday I will only breastfeed him in the AM. Yes he still doesn't like the bottle, but after 3 months of trying so "placidly" and talking to his doctor, we decided that we had to take drastic measures... he's been doing well, but he definitely will need to get used to getting more liquids through his sippy -- the first day we went cold turkey he did 3oz, yesterday 6oz--today he did 8oz so hopefully it will take on...

In the meantime my breasts were crazy! last night I had to pump just a little bit because I was afraid to get engorged... through the night I was in pain and slept horribly with nightmares of my breasts falling off when taking my bra off.

We are only keeping the morning feeding for a while because I enjoy it and to make it a tat more gradual on everyone, but besides that he is on full solids. He will have a meat and veggie and hummus for lunch with a couple of fruit snacks through the day-- he definitely eats a lot!!! maybe even too much ;P - so that part consoles me. I can't deny that after 9 months, after every feeding of his life being attached to my body, there aren't some mixed feelings on my end. I think about the benefits of breastfeeding but instead of thinking of that I am not giving him as many of those benefits anymore, I have to think about it as I have GIVEN him those benefits for a very long time. So yes a bit emotional, but I am convinced this is the right time to wean 100%.

Ezra is so so smart-he is so soft like a yoghurt puff. I wish I could bottle all his cute things at this stage.His dancing is one of my favorite things-- the sound of his giggles are otherworldly.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ezra | 38 weeks

My little angel is CRAWLING! one day he was a mollusc and the next an expert crawling bug. Such a smart little bean he is. My favorite thing is that now he can physically come to me when he wants me. It's adorable how he could have the entire room to get into "trouble" but would rather be right under my chair like a little kitty. He adores being choo choo trained in a cardboard box- his face is awestruck. He loves dancing with mama. He hates getting dressed and laying down to have his diaper put on him.

I love kissing his cheek- I swear it's the softest marshmallow-pie thing ever. Even being an angel being a parent kicks my butt! He eats 6 times a day and takes 2 naps. We spend the mornings in his playroom and the afternoons around town doing errands etc. 

The cutest thing lately is when we sit him in a shopping cart and we start going he rocks back and forth as to say "yipee what a ride!" it's so adorable! like a mini disney ride for him!

He is NOT into his paci at all-- it's been weeks since he's had it in his mouth-- I try to give it to him but he just doesn't want it!!! sometimes I think the paci would make things easier but I am definitely not gonna force it on him at all!

We love his little hedgehog smile (pictured here). Ezra is also pulling himself up to standing position!

One of our favorite activities is going to the bookstore where he can explore all the new toys as I notice him starting to be over his at home...

My baby will be 1 in about 3 months!!!! what in the world?!!?!?

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Ezra | 37 Weeks

8.5 months- Ezra learned how to wave! I had showed him in passing a couple of times and then this morning he just woke up and did it ! I had no idea he had been observing me so closely :0 ! :) !
He dances with tunes and mama's songs, he loves the pups, he strives to crawl AND strives to pull himself up. He is so strong. He likes to grab the spoon while I feed him to feed himself and does a pretty good job! When we "teach him to walk" he now throws his little footsies forward. He has tries flounder, chicken, and coconut yogurt and loved each one. There is really no food we've given him that he doesn't like- he certainly loves some over others but he's never refused to eat anything which is amazing. He does giggle a lot, he is so happy, my little big love.

I am also already brainstorming on his birthday party ideas and themes and heehehe it's going to be epic too bad he doesn't have many little baby friends :< !

Monday, 8 July 2013

Ezra | 36 Weeks

Ezra dances! it's the cutest thing ever! one morning I turned one of his toys on and he rocked back and forth-- he now has a little dancing bug inside of him every time he hears a tune or mama sings upbeat! I ADORE THIS! we have still random dance parties sometimes and singing fests. The wiggling continues. We've added bumpers to his crib and lowered the mattress to the lowest level. He is so tall and strong, and since he tries pulling himself up on things it was only necessary. I am inclined to think he might skip crawling and go straight to furniture walking. Who knows?!

Ezra | 35 Weeks

Ezra is mobile-- no not crawling, but still mobile. He gets around wiggling and scooting. This week marks the week where there seems to be a NEED for him to be moving all the time. Even before bedtime, when usually he used to wind down, he now "has the get the moves out" and then gets tired. I can see a huge life change around the corner with a mobile baby! We love his little pursed lips shy smile he does, we call it a hedgehog smile. He talks so much more, it sounds like Chinese. Sometimes he's such a boy- more interested in screws and random holes than colorful pretty toys. We are still exclusively breastfeeding on the breast and will most likely continue to until September.