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Sunday, 24 January 2010

NYC New Years 2009/2010 Holiday

No Baloo did not come with us to NYC, but he is a cutie so he deserves a spot in this post ;)

I absolutely love this skyline shot taken from the Stanton Island Ferry.
I love the subtle shading.

Brian with the Statue of the USA in the bckg.


Isn't my husband a hottie-most handsome-gorgeous-perfect-pulcino ever?!!?

Why, yes I WAS the abominable snow man!!!!

We went to a yummy sushi place called SUSHI SAMBA which made an apparence in Sex & The City, therefore it scored big points with me just for that reason, but the decor and food were awesome too! ;D

The Veiw of the City from the top of the Rockerfeller Center ;)

Find Waldo... ahem I mean Brian ;)

Bryant Park

Best dessert Ive ever ingested at the Stanton Social. Such an excellent restaurant!

blog reading is a lot easier than blog writing

CONFESSIONS (don't judge):

I follow so many blogs and I write two, this one and SimplyBloom's, so you can imagine that I horribly prioritize the photo blog over this one, and by the time Im done blogging that one, I have no energy to blog on this one....
can you count how many times I said "blog"!?!? gosh!

Life has been running smoothly and ordinarily. I need some organization in my life; my mother could have told me that yearsss ago, but It's just starting to add up for me... my purse, my house, my office, my closet, are all unorganized.scattered.disheveled parts of my life. I wish I would wake up and my purse would be cleaned out, carrying only the necessities and other useful trinkets, not trash, receipts, bubble gum wrappers and random plane tickets from months ago. yup! it's true

My clothes are separated in two different dressers, two different luggage, and one closet that is dying to be made over. Winter and summer clothes are MIXED and it's to the point that I have no idea what I own. I seriously buy clothes and lose them in my own closet

my office, while it may be cluttered with papers, I actually like it this way, and if someone were to clean it, I would be pissed. I know where everything is in my piles, and lists and post it notes. and I'd like it to stay this way.

I have several luggage in my living room containing clothes from recent trips... but I guess that is the life I always wanted, one out of a suitcase. The thought always thrilled me.

My disorganization is partly innate, partly it is by choice, partly by laziness, but mostly it is due to my workaholicism. I know many can relate to this, and business owners even more so. It's quite strange because in truth, I love my life, I love the way that I can work until 2:00am and not resent one single minute, I love to challenge myself on how much I can get done, I love to set my own goals high and go go go. But in the meantime I neglect many many other aspects of my life. It's a true bittersweet.

In different news, I am finally going to post some New Years Holiday NYC PHOTOS asap!!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Night out with the group

Last night was a blast with our group of friends, not that every time isn't, but this one evening was particularly great. We all met at I love sushi!! oh my goodness i love love love that place; we were seated in their tatami room because we were the largest party they could accommodate (it's a small place, and we are big group). I tried their LOVE WHEEL ROLL and oyoyooyoyo it was sooooo amazing, I want some right now, for breakfast!... ok not really for breakfast, but still. we laughed so loud the entire night and the guys concluded the dining experience by playing ice cubes-basket ball into their miso soup... yup, we are THAT sophisticated! *note, if you go to I LOVE SUSHI, it's a wonderful wonderful place, but don't bother getting their miso soup :/

Because it was such an ice-y night, we decided to warm up at the nearest Starbucks, with some hot chocolate and espressos! we chilled there (at the vip table for 11 ;) and then went bowling. This was so much fun, guys played against girls and really I must say that the girls were doing a kick butt job (Christine lost her will toward the end but still, we were doing really well i thought!). There was A LOT of "OC: (overly Caucasian) dancing going, as Tori called it. We all were acting like dancing dorks at one point or another, and it was fabulous! Justin did the "inch worm dance on the floor" and it was actually really good, and then Kristian followed to imitate him, and it was hilarious! I wish she would have kept going it was so funny! to say the least we had a blast, and I feel so lucky to be friends with such an amazing group!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

My Favorite Image from NYC

click to see bigger

(many more to come :D)