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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Ezra | Week 43

10 MONTHS! 7th tooth is sprouting. He recognizes toys and book by the titles and songs!!! loves to put things INTO containers, still loves all types of toy balls, loves swings, loves snuggles and exploring. He knows who Frosty and Baloo are and points at them :)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Ezra | Week 42

Today he had his 9/10 month checkup and got one shot. He is always so brave. Things I want to remember about this age/stage:

• I love the way he crawls to me and climbs up my leg
• I love that he is a mama's boy :>
• He loves to eat his almond yogurt and his pretend yogurt jar
• He loves balls !!! he's obsessed!
• I love the way his chunky legs stand up and look like cherub thighs
• I LOOOVE when he says "MAMMA"
• I love that when we read him books he gets excited and sits ONTOP of the book, as to claim it! :D
• I love the way he plays and eats my face, I love when he's in his playbug mode and it's as if he knows he's making me laugh and keeps going with his silliness.
• I love the way he wants to share every little wonderful thing he finds with us and the pups. He holds out each treasure for others to see, as if to say "look mama!? can I have this?"
• I love the way he listens when I say "no"
• I love the way he plays by himself like a perfect little baby bean
• I love him

Ezra | Week 41

I now have to bribe him with toys to get this photo and make him sit still!!--- sigh if I would have known I would have started them in a gated area all along ;)

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Ezra | Week 40

I love how he crawls to me when he is sleepy or wants a hug or snack or just wants to be a mama's boy. I laid him  in his crib last night and he was wearing his blue jemmies with cars and other boy things, and I felt so thankful to have had a boy-- this boy-- he is the very best. 

Currently he is snotty, very snotty- it might be teething we haven't figured it out yet, maybe he's just sicky. 

I love the way he needs to stand on everything and how courageous he is wanting to do things like letting go and try to stand on his own even when he just learned how to stand at all. 

He plays peek-a-boo with me, hiding his face with the kitchen's curtain- how smart is he?!

He still loves good dance parties to 90's music we have in my bathroom a lot. and I love them even more.