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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Ezra | 5 weeks

Ezra is 5 weeks today and he smiled and cooed in a different way today. With more consciousness, he was actually smiling at mama being silly and kissing his chins ;) 
It was an amazing feeling-even though it lasted just a few moments I thought my heart was going to give out. Like butterflies, deep deep inside my heart. sigh. 

Now I know what all those moms were talking about. 

He is such a good baby. 

Each day that passes and I see his changes right in front of my eyes and it's bittersweet.  When I feel the "bitterness of time passing" I reassure myself that it will get better and better. 

Kids are amazing, angels really that's all.


Saturday, 24 November 2012

Ezra | Week 4 | One Month New!

Ezra is beginning to outgrow his smallest clothes and the "N" diapers! But he still doesn't quite fit into his "bigger" clothes. I am excited for him to fit into new stuff as his wardrobe gets better and better ;) 

But at the thought of those tiny piglet toes getting bigger and bigger - it's very bittersweet. 

I love this little man so much-- when he coos (rarely) it's the most joyous happy sound. After his diaper change we have "play time" and I kiss all over him and I see the happiness on his angel face- that is my most favorite part of the day. We call this play time "kick play kick" because that's pretty much what it consists of. THAT and lots of tummy and chin kisses. 

He's such a happy little soul. 

His wondrous starry eyes are the meaning of my life. 

Sometimes I think-- it was always HIM. My whole life he was always meant to be my baby boy. 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ezra | Week 3

Our munchkin piglet is 3 weeks. He is such a good baby- he definitely gets his dad's personality- calm and peaceful and I couldn't be more thankful! 

Since the moment we've brought him home from the hospital we've been working hard to set a schedule for him so that or entire family can thrive and so that he can depend on routine and consistency. I am very happy, and a bit incredulous to say that it really seems to be working. We have our own little routine and I must say things go pretty smoothly day and night. 

At night I do not wake him up (every 3 hours) anymore, I let him go as long as he wants-- and that's usually either 3.5 hrs or 4.5 hrs between feedings. When we get the 4.5 hrs stretches I feel so rested ;P

I am still in shock that a person's body can go with interrupted sleep for weeks and still be sane. 

There are obviously limitations, but mainly I think it's because it's pretty cold outside and he doesn't have his shots yet.

I feel really good about well just about everything. We've really adjusted by now. Ezra fits perfectly into our lives, just like we knew he would.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Ezra Week 2

Here is a log of the past 2 weeks with this babe in our lives:

• 7 days post delivery I lost 18lbs
• 9 days post delivery I lost 20lbs
• 14 days post delivery I lost 25lbs

I feel pretty darn good about this and about myself. I still have about 19lbs-23lbs to go!
my boobs are MASSIVE so I have to account for their weight ;P

Nicknames we call Ezra: "Chinese Dumpling" (so cute and true when he's swaddled up)
and the most common "Angel Darling"

I love when Brian feeds me water while I am feeding Ezra. It feels like we're all substantiating each other. A chain effect.

Breastfeeding is one of my favorite things--who would have known! but it's just comforting and the best cuddle time.

The 1st week my body's recovery was ROUGH. I won't go into details but I felt like I had been hit by 1000 trucks.down there. On top of it I was very tired. I took a bath everyday for the first week or so and that was the only moments I felt better. Emotionally I had never felt better, but physically wow. Someone compared it to healing and resting after a car wreck, and yup I can see that comparison.

Now things are way better, we have an amazing babe on an amazing regular schedule and we are all thriving. As a matter of fact Ezra gained 1lbs+ in 11 days!!!
At 4 days  he weighed 8lbs 3oz and
At 15 days he weighs 9lbs 4oz !!!

The pediatrician cheered us on for doing a great job breastfeeding and that was such an amazing feedback!

Day 5: I cried so hrd looking at Ezra one night, because I couldn't believe how perfect he was. I felt like he was so pure and the world so dirty. In hindsight this DOES sounds a lot like hormones ;P

First bath at home-- Ezra loved this and was an angel throughout while we figured things out. Washing a tiny baby is the one thing that intimidates me. Brian usually is the lead on this one and I am SO glad! My fear is that he will get cold being wet so it all makes me nervous! Brian has even indulged me in washing his head while Ezra was wearing a onsie.

Day 6: The days feel SO busy and productive but every little gesture for our little man feels like such an accomplishment and makes us feel so proud. 

Day 9: Ezra peed all over himself while daddy was changing his diaper. Pee got in his eye and now we've been treating his eye with warm compresses and breast milk! it's already healed!

Day 10: we took out first family stroll around the neighborhood with baby in stroller. This is something we had been looking forward to all pregnancy! :D

belly button cord stump bled a tiny bit because it is about to fall off.

Day 11: It's November but it's 77 degrees on this day so Went to bridgestreet and target. I fed baby in car. Ezra lost belly button stump.

Day 13: First day alone at home with baby. Brian is back at work. It felt lonely without Brian.

Day 14: I feel like I have a good handle on things and feel confident about the baby's schedule, very happy it's working for everyone :)

Day 15: Pediatrician check up- Ezra weighs 9lbs 4oz. Outing with grandma to babies r us. Each outing is somewhat hectic-- I don't like having to shelter him from the cold, being quick to get from car to stores, carrying bags, jackets etc. But it all feels like an accomplishment when we're safe and happy inside ;)