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Friday, 29 June 2012

24 weeks | 6 months!

Ezra is 6 months in utero! only a few more to go! :D 
 New development - I have changed doctors. I always had a funny feeling about my doctor- he has done nothing at all even bad-- but it was more just a feeling I had. 

I felt he rushed me out the door every time; mainly it was his "Laissez-faire" attitude that really bothered me. I once asked him if I could have direct sunlight on my belly (tan) and he said "yeah yeah sure sure" but then when I actually did lay out my belly pretty much broke out into a rash for a couple of days and ITCHED like there was no tomorrow! I just wish he would have taken .2 seconds to say "HEY your skin is stretching it might be more sensitive, ya know!?" 
Although it that is pretty common sense, I still HAD NOT THOUGHT ABOUT IT!
 and he should have mentioned something. But that is just ONE tiny example. 

The big one was when I brought up to him that I was  educating myself on UN-medicated childbirth-- In very few words he told me that "he usually tells his patients to get the epidural"... 
That just didn't sit well with me for weeks and stirred in my head... 

So here we are new doc!

I have not yet met the new doctor, but she comes HIGHLY recommended by 2 of our friends and also a business client who's delivered 3 kids with her. I've heard really good, consistent things about her- so I feel pretty good about my choice to switch.

 I have signed us up for 6 different prenatal classes! that might not sound like a lot but they are spread out in 2 months, 2 hospitals and 15 different attendances! ;) 

Let's just say I'd rather be over prepared when it comes to baby ;) 

 Ezra now ripples! or well he makes my stomach ripple.... so cool and weird!  
 I think the fun part at this stage is that with the movements, I really get a good sense for how BIG he is! the size of a cantaloupe or an ear of corn they say. 

Last night I was sweetly awoken by his little kicks throughout the night a couple of times--
the kicks felt as if he was hinting at me to go empty my bladder to make a little more room for him! ;) 

Sleeping has become a technique. I still sleep very well, it's just that the pillow arrangement around my body has to be a very particular way: 

2 pillows under my head (sometimes 3) 
1 pillow between thighs
1 thin pillow right under my belly
1 pillow to hug around with my arms


Oh and we have a QUEEN bed! ;P

Overall I still feel great- i don't feel like a huge giant whale yet and am still to even touch maternity clothes-- the goal is to never do that actually. I have been buying and wearing maxi dresses for the past 6 months-- but in this weather, that's all I'd wear anyways. 

Once the cool temps come I think I will just layer sweaters on top of those maxis and prolong their seasonal life... 

Anyhoo that's all for now. 

Friday, 22 June 2012

23 weeks

Ezra begins dreaming this week! oh my swoon! isn't that incredible!? what do babies in utero dream about!??!?! wow, that's a million dollar question right there. I am so in love and anxious to meet this little kicker bug. I just want to kiss his cheeks so badly!

I would call this "preparation week". I've made a really good dent into building the babe's registry, made one of the mobiles, ordered some things for his room/s (nursery & playroom/my office).

When it's all flawless and finished I will of course take photos and post them here :D

I also decided what his HALLOWEEN OUTFIT will be !!! eeeek!!! it's a secret for now though! ;)
He will be only a few days old so I had to take that into consideration! but oh my goodnessssssssss what a cutie he shall be!

In belly button news:

wow the right side of my belly button feels like it's stretching all the way. I put oil and lotion several times and thank goodness the stretching is not a mark!!!! but I am pretty terrified about a potential stretch mark right there! it also itches so much from all the skin stretching! lotion, oil, lotion, oil, lotion, oil, lotion, oil!

I think it will be a little freaky if/when the belly button flips/pops up! oy!


This week has also been RECOUP week. It's been so therapeutic.  I've shut off work completely-- something that well...I've never done. I've never not checked emails and worked in about 4 years. Even on weekends.  I totally mean that too. I had kind of forgotten how simple and easy life could be on a daily basis. Is it a tiny bit boring? sure maybe! but wow, I can honestly say that this has been so good for my MIND, body, soul and mood. I told myself that I'd start back on Monday, and I am now totally dreading it. Getting back to 3 businesses, 3 inboxes, and hundreds of demanding requests catapulting at you all at once will not be so fun.

Anyways this RECOUP week I got a prenatal massage (courtesy of all my fab girlfriends) whom I was loving while I was getting kneaded by the masseuse lady! I got my favorite ice cream, baked a new recipe, went to the pool, the mall and simply just hung out. It was fabulous.

This stage of pregnancy is the best because I feel Ezra move all the time. I never feel alone, and I often smile down at his big movements.

Monday, 18 June 2012

22 weeks | Italy

Sigh, week 22 must have maybe been the most stressful one. I went to Italy for a gorgeous wedding with Christine and my mother accompanied me.

I was put under a lot of drama and stress, I tried to remove myself from the situation, but not speaking up resulted in a very unhealthy accumulation of emotions and stress-- which consecutively brought on me having a full blown panic attack. in the middle of the street. 6 mos preggo, in 100 degree heat. bawling.

I left Italy in a hurry needing to come back home. I needed my American commodities, my home, air conditioning, my husband, and mainly just be away from stressful people.

My dad was miraculously able to change my ticket in a few hours so that I could leave that next morning, which I did.

I have been home for 10 hrs and already feel SO MUCH better already. All the swelling went mostly down and I feel more emotionally stable.

I think it's crazy how the people who should be your number one supporters and loved ones sometimes act with no compassion or comprehension for what you are going through. Rather, putting you down--even with small comments and snide remarks that are so inappropriate. That was mainly the reason I hit bottom. I could not stand being around bad auras, having to hold my tongue in fear of exploding because I wanted to shelter my baby from stress-- but accumulating it was just as bad.   That, plus the 100 degree heat (with no air conditioning in Italy anywhere to escape to) had me flee Italy as fast as I could.

I promised myself that I will not go back to Italy without Brian-- I just need him with me for balance, always.  If he had been there things would have been completely different.

Anyways now I am back home, I slept in my bed, with all the pillows I am used to, in our clean, ventilated room, next to my hubby, woke up to my puppies, ate my regular breakfast, and already feel emotionally better.It makes me realize how much I have here-- and that all that matters, is in fact, right here.

What I've learned from that experience is that Ezra comes first and I need to do what I need to do for him. And if that's cutting my trip short to protect my body and him, that's what the best choice is. Because when it comes to him, there is just too much to lose, too much at stake.  I am 100% responsible for him- therefore, with no excuses he must come first and be protected from any potential stresses.

I know that this post might not make sense, but going into detail about what happened is needless. What I want to recollect on here is that I learned a lesson, perhaps the hard way, but it's better than nothing.


Movement news:

At 22 weeks I felt Ezra punching and kicking simultaneously!!! I could feel the "thumps" in two different spots, length-wise, in my stomach for the first time. So I could feel how LONG he was! and let me tell you, this baby is a healthy BIGGEN! ;) it was the first and only time so far that I've felt that feeling, and it's so awesome. All I can do when I feel such STRONG movements is smile or chuckle to myself out loud! sometimes they even have me tear up :.)

Then, a few days later, on the plane back home, I felt a GIANT kick/punch by in my top abdomen, way above my belly button! it was such a surprise, because I hadn't realized that area of my stomach was being rented out this soon. But how cool it was!! he must have been stretching my uterus all the way up there, needing to upgrade his space. He's like a giant living in a Manhattan flat.

It so crazy how you start feeling the movements not only strengthen, but also creep up with more force higher and higher, and every time, these changes happen overnight! from one day to the next!
so naturally.

The fact that Ezra is so big makes me so happy.

Wardrobe news:

I am so happy with boy clothes! like REALLY happy. I have found the CUTEST most stylish things! I never knew I'd like boy clothes! but even though there may be less choices than girls', they are AWESOME! baby Zara is the best, but H&M, etsy, Prenatal, and a few other places are amazing-- Ezra is gonna look soooooooo handsome in all the clothes I've bought for him! he has a few Jcrew looking outfits that Im sooo excited about ;)

 Nursery news:

I am incredibly happy with how the design for the nursery is coming along. It's exactly what I had envisioned--- vintage, whimsical, neutral with touches of rustic baby boy elements.
What we have thus far: wall paper, chandelier, mobile, crib, fabric for bedding/ curtains, and dresser.

All that remains are just a few details like wall art, shelves, closet, rocking toy, pillows, etc.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

21 weeks

I can feel Ezra kicking and punching so much. Even Brian has had the pleasure of feeling him many times since week 17. But each week the movements get a little bit stronger! Last night Brian felt a whole string of kicks all in a row! he kept saying "oh boy", "oh boy", "oh boy" with each one! :.)
 It was after dinner and I think Ezra was very pleased with fried zucchini pasta so he was letting us know that he enjoyed that dish! ;)

I am beginning to feel the little movements higher in my belly now--right at my belly button! which is crazy! this baby is such a healthy bundle of biggen! ;)


I have apparently (completely out of nowhere) gained 7lbs in 3 weeks! This concerns me a bit because it was such a big jump compared to the previous months. I have not been eating more, so it's really a mystery to me. I wouldn't  doubt that baby is bigger than he's supposed to be on chart-- after all, he has been all along through the pregnancy!  I am thinking at least 1lb of that weight must be him! ;) which is awesome! I can safely assume this, because the little roll movements have turned into straight-up kicks! Ones that are visible from the outside!! :D Crazy! The movements/kicks really seem to be becoming so much stronger increasingly everyday.

What a healthy little soccer player Ezra shall be! :D

Friday, 1 June 2012

20 weeks!

 Today marks the halfway point in this beautiful pregnancy. I've been resisting saying this in fear of speaking too soon, but thus far, it's been a breeze. Ezra fits inside of me and in our lives so effortlessly. I can feel him now as we speak :) 

20 weeks today. In only 20 more we'll meet him! in person! THAT just does not seem real whatsoever. 

 I've bought so many adorable little clothes for him, they get me all excited! and by the way-- I think I am just as excited about boy clothes as I thought I'd be about little girl clothes. Sure, there are less choices, but their littleness alone makes them so adorable!

Today is also a special day as Brian and I celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary! 
 Life's timing is so crazy... on our wedding day, who would have known that exactly 4 years later, we'd be halfway through our first pregnancy! on the dot. 

B and I don't have anything special planned-- dinner and a stroll, but I hear that type of date will seem really special once the baby is here... ;) so we'll begin taking advantage.

We are slowly ordering things for the nursery. I have a very clear plan of what I want and could order everything at once, but to not scare Brian with purchases, I am making them a few days in between ;) 

Through all of life's little in-betweens, Ezra is already all that matters, most of all. Everything else is just miniscule.