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Friday, 19 September 2014

Cacca in The Potty

I never thought I would be as joyous over a bodily function placed exactly where it should belong, but when your own toddler is learning to wean off of diapers, it's simply just a big deal.

Over the past few months I would say we've had about 5 caccas in the potty and each time we dance around and celebrate with special treats!

What has the trick been? rewarding majorly, teaching him to feel the cacca coming before it does, asking him at "crucial" times, teaching him how to say the words to let us know, and last but not least, seeing us commit to the action.

It's so adorable now to watch him on the potty reading a gossip magazine that swallows the length of his legs, with Kim Kardashian on the cover and being so proud of himself when something trickles out of him.