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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Hula hoops, poops, and serious business

As always what I want to record most of all is the stage my baby boy is at. His creativity, imagination and explosive personality is so so entertaining at every moment. He is still entranced and obsessed with trucks, but my favorite thing he does as of lately is create these sculpture like formation out of random house objects that represent different truck types. A row made up of a dirty sock, step stool, dinosaur, book, and pool noodle, for example, is a roller truck. My favorite was the other day he stuck 2 dirty socks of Brian's in the hole of the step stool and called them the "eyes" of the truck sculpture.

He is just so clever, every day more and more. I struggle to keep a list of ALL the amazing little things he says and get so mad at myself when I forget what they were, because each one is a little gem of hilarity.

He is an incredible little person, he knows every song, dance, letter, inside joke, and is always not only aware of what his daddy and I are talking about, he has to participate and contribute to the conversation too.

This is the stage where I think videos can capture so much more than photos. I adore the way we (still) have little dance parties in the kitchen every other night, how he loved the "bumpity bump" part in the Frosty The Snowman Song. I love the way he mouths the words when I sing the Alvin Christmas song and then right after I say HUUUULLLA HOOOOOOP, he says "I want a hoooola hooop".

He now does 99% of his caccas in the potty and is SOOOO good with the potty. It all revolves around his other addiction, the lollipop, when he does a good job in the potty. Those few licks of candy, and an innate love for the potty, have made him a potty champion. He is so proud of his business he will look at it each time and if I am not in the room, he will want me to come see it.... aheam... even during dinner... >;P

Aside from Ezra our life has been pretty sweet. Brian has started physical therapy for his back and we hope wish and pray that we can see some result from it, even if it's slow and minimal, anything will help. He is in better spirits with the new therapy and that makes me so so happy.

We have an ugly xmas party planned and I am just loving this friend group, it's so fun to have regular, adult time with friends and it's something I just need as a functioning person.

The business has been crazy as always with daily challenges and amazing projects, but overall things are so much better than they have been in the past few years and C and I are just so much happier now.

aaaand that concludes the personal update for now to have a little life-log for myself :>