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Sunday, 19 April 2015

It's a BOY

We were shocked to find out that the little baby growing inside of me is a little boy! It would have been fun to experience pig tails, mary janes and barbie dolls, but God has a different vision for our family-- and I trust his over mine any day. I am stoked that Ezra's childhood and life will be alongside his BROTHER and hopefully best friend. This path of two babies, two boys is so obscure to me, as in, I have no idea what to expect, that I don't even try to look ahead at all. I look forward to seeing how different and unique this next little person will be. Maybe he'll have some of Ezra's traits?!?! that would be super wild.

It's been so so so difficult coming up with a name, but I think we are getting warmer.

I am 17 weeks and I would say I feel one tiny tiny baby poke once every 3 days... so very inconsistently and faintly. I cannot wait to feel more more more! :)

We had an incredible gender reveal party with 42! of our big and small loved ones and it was so amazing to celebrate family and love that way. Very soul enriching.