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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

12 weeks

We are 12 weeks along with our Baby No. 2 pregnancy and yesterday's doc appointment really made me giddy. We heard the baby's heart through an external Doppler and to just know that she/he is healthy is just so reassuring. Another sign of her/his health is my growing uterus, which insists on coming front and center with the passing of each day. At first I had 5-6 little red bumps on my belly and I was kind of freaking out that it would turn into PUPPS, but they never itched and they are slowly fading. I think it may just have been a hormonal manifestation or something. When in doubt, always blame it on the hormones.

It's so exciting that we finally announce it to everyone, and it makes it more real. I have embraced that when this baby will come, it will be a new sort of chaos. I don't necessarily like chaos, but this time I know how temporary it is, how fleeting, and that it is only fair for every member of the family to have an adjustment period.

I am so happy to be crawling out of the first trimester, because I know that the fun begins now! :D In 4 short weeks we will know the baby's gender!!! that blows my mind, a lot. I do have an inkling, but we are just going to have to wait and see if I am right or wrong.

Overall I've felt great, sometimes I am out of breath, but I feel like I am slowly regaining my energy.... SLOWLY.